Summoning Sebastian (Necromancing Nim #2) by Katriena Knights

Summoning SebastianCaught between a stone and a hard place…

Nim and Colin can’t bring themselves to be happy they saved the world from the vampire-zombie apocalypse. Not with the death of Sebastian, the third in their trio, weighing heavily on their hearts.

As they turn to each other in their grief, they make an amazing discovery. They can still communicate with their beloved—but only while deep in the throes of passion. Yet they want more. They want Sebastian back in their arms for real.

Their mission to return Sebastian to corporeal form becomes urgent when they realize he is being used as a pawn in a game of vampiric proportions. The trail leads to an even more explosive mystery in the wilds of Siberia, where their quest becomes a race against time.

If they can’t put all the pieces together before other vampires succeed in using what’s left of Sebastian for an evil plan, all trace of their lover could disappear. Forever.

Warning: Contains two lovers who draw up a skin-tingling plan to bring their third back from the dead, the truth behind an ancient mystery (hey, it could have happened that way!), and hot sexytimes in a frozen wilderness. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Book two in the Necromancing Nim Series, Summoning Sebastian picks up with Nim and Colin living together and having sex as much as they can so they can bring Sebastian’s ghost into their world. Sebastian was the third in the ménage, but he died in the first book of the series and now the other two are left trying to put the puzzle pieces together when it’s suspected that Sebastian’s ghost is murdering vampires and humans.
The first chapter sounds like a how-to guide for sex while Nim and Colin talk to Sebastian’s ghost. Insert his here, lick this there, flip this switch around and around….it seemed kind of weird that they had a conversation with their corporeal lover while getting each other off. But, the banter between Nim and Colin, as well as their growing affection for each other, helped make the couple seem more believable and less cartoonish after that scene. As a reader, I got a strong sense that these two continued to grow to appreciate and even love one another while fighting to get their lover back. However, the book has more to it than the awkward sex scene and mushy affection. Nim is a coffee lover. How can I not love a fellow addict? There were a lot of laughable moments throughout the story, with the banter between Nim and anyone being sure to showcase her sarcastic wit. Overall, while the story started out with a fizz, it grew on me and I ended up enjoying how it turned out.


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