Secrets from the Edge by S.C. Wynne

Secrets from the Edge Disclaimer MaleTAGKeith Williams is twenty-two and struggling to feel normal again. Once a rising super star in the competitive world of snowboarding, he’s only now healing from a horrible crash that almost wrecked his body and ripped his confidence from him.

Jesse Royce is a reporter embedded on a snowboarding documentary that Keith has agreed to be a part of. The two of them have always had a sexual attraction that’s hard to ignore. But Keith’s loss of nerve isn’t the only secret he’s keeping, and while it’s tempting to give into his desire for Jesse, it might end up being career suicide. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Over all I’ve always enjoyed this authors books and this one is no different.

Keith and mates are likable enough, the basic lingo about snowboarding was easy enough to follow. Jesse was friendly enough and all together made a nice story. The second plot twist was interesting, if not rushed at the end. and left a little incomplete. I’m thinking maybe will be continued in another book as with many of the stories that started within this story.

Keith and Jesse are cute enough together, but I actually like Keith and Lance better. That hostile love hate just worked for me!


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