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On the first hand, I wasn’t expecting to be going to this year’s GRL, though I love and adore my last two years – Atlanta and Chicago. Finances weren’t being all that nice to me, but things changed and I put my name on the wait list. Got the email I wanted.


I’m a Supporting Author for GRL – San Diego.


Now I’m scrambling to catch up and prep everything I would need for the conference. I ordered the last special swag I need and waiting for delivery.


This GRL is a little more special this time around. I have two brand new releases coming out. One has the general release of the e-book and paperback availability the week before GRL. The second releases the Friday of GRL.


The first release is special to me. It’s the 5th book of my Southern Charm series – Following the Law with Pride Publishing. This one tells the story of Sheriff Robin Burke and IT guru Beau Courtenay. As these two come together, they figure out the mysteries behind what is happening in the small town and get down to finding answers. Beau is a character close to my heart. While I don’t have his expertise with all the wires and gizmos that make up IT, we do have something else in common. It’s a quiet sexual orientation known as Asexual. A general definition is: An asexual person is a person who does not experience sexual attraction. As with any other sexuality, there are gray areas within the orientation. Beau’s story is only one man’s story. Please don’t believe he represents the basic idea of all aces. This is one a peek into an orientation where sex isn’t everything and anything. I hope you fall in love with Beau and his story as I did writing it.


There’s one more bit of news for the Southern Charm series. While I originally planned seven full-length novels, there will now be eight. This is due to the Supreme Court’s decision on Same-Sex Marriage. With this beautiful piece of legislation, I knew it had to incorporate it into the series. The revised order to finish the series is Book 6: According to Design, Book 7: Beach Wedding and Book 8: Unexpected in the End. There are also little short stories available on my blog for sneak peeks.


The last bit of news for GRL is the release of the last Walk Me novella – Walk Me Through the Darkness with MLR Press. This novella completes the story of a country-rock band, Midnight Twang. This one tells the story of the band’s sound and light tech, Thomas Bellamy, finding his way to the heart of former Marine Scout/Sniper Basil Wallstatt, Sage’s big brother.


With both releases, I had to step up on some giveaways for Readers to take home and enjoy. A little bit from each series and other books. It’s always a delicate balance of what to bring or leave behind. Either way, I know Reader and Author are more happy to meet, hug and talk with one another than anything else they bring home.

Author BioTAGA quiet one, Nicole Dennis curled up with the latest book of a favorite author. Since the beginning, there were these characters in her head, worlds wanting to be built on paper, and stories wanting to be told. She began writing during class and continues to this day. Now she can let others into her imagination and worlds that always celebrate the love between two or more people within LGBT, paranormal, and fantasy.


During the day, she works in a quiet office in Central Florida, where she also makes her home, and enjoys the down time to slip into her imagination. She is owned by a semi-demonic tortie calico, affectionately known as Fat Cat.

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