Light a Candle by V.J. Summers

Light a Candle Disclaimer MaleTAGWill broke Dusty’s heart their senior year. One unexpected moment of passion between them, and Will freaked out. Not only wasn’t he gay, but he wasn’t kinky either—or so he insisted to Dusty. Their long friendship ended, and Dusty was left with only bittersweet memories of their last movie night together.

Ten years later, out as gay and a Dom, Will auditions for membership at Club Deviant, only to find that he’s been assigned an all-too-familiar submissive. His scene with Dustin feels like fate, and he’s determined to get back what they once had—and more.

Dustin had buried the pain of rejection deep, but playing with Will conjures all his memories of that one electric moment they shared and the friendship it destroyed. He’s built walls around his heart high enough to keep out the Trojan Army, but together, he and Will may find the courage to move beyond their past and face their future together.

Publisher’s note: This is a heavily expanded and revised edition of Velvet Memories, previously published in 2011. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This whole novella is set in one night, one club, multi scenes together. Once Will and Dustin realize that ten years later they are in the same place, wanting the same thing, all bets are off, all things are forgiven and it’s time to learn each other like only a D/s can.

The scenes these two did together we sensual and hawt, and you could tell, the caring for one another was there at least a experienced Dom towards an experienced sub.  But past that, it was hard for me to get to know these two, we learned what they liked sexually and they fit together that way, but I couldn’t build anything from that.  I need more in-depth convo, how’s life, what’s are you doing? do you live in the area? I’m a big believer in insta love/ attraction but no connection for ten years and all the sudden lets sign contracts,  HFN.


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