High Cotton Country by Leta McCurry

High Cotton Country

A message that her father is dying sends a reluctant Cazzie Randle to his bedside but not to reconcile a lifelong estrangement. This is her last chance to make him reveal the secrets behind the memories that haunt her. He must answer questions of “Why?” Why did he abandon her? Why did her mother commit an act of such unspeakable horror?

An explosion of truth in a dusty Texas hill country town reveals old secrets and demands choices. But will she be able to choose or will she be paralyzed by all the old hurts, cruelty and betrayals that have driven her all her life? To find the answer, Cazzie must confront the very essence of who she has become and question whether the price was too high. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

High Cotton Country is an intensely poignant story about the life and secrets of Cazzie. Cazzie gets a call that her father is dying and she instantly says she is not going to see him after what he did. Her closest friend, Nine, convinces her that she needs to go back so she has no regrets where her father is concerned. Cazzie agrees and then the book goes back to the past and tells the story of Cazzie’s life and family.

This story was well told and written in such a way that every little detail is told in a way that pulls at the reader’s heartstrings. Cazzie did not have an easy life at all. Her mother committed suicide and killed her younger siblings at the same time. Cazzie was left to live with her grandparents – poor farmers living in the poor area of town. Every person played a part in the story of Cazzie’s story and hardships. But, she came out of it a stronger and more independent woman.

There are books that you read for pleasure and books that you read to escape. This is not either, but it is a book that is worth every minute it takes to finish it.


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