Heart To Hart (The Gaslight Mysteries #1) by Erin O’Quinn

Heart to Hart Disclaimer MaleTAGMichael McCree is one with a mysterious past, who ends up as a newspaper man, thereby meeting the strikingly handsome Simon Hart, who comes to his shop to turn in an obituary notice.

Simon’s flat-mate and former business partner has been killed, and Simon, a private investigator, needs to track down the murderer. Michael, immediately smitten with the sulky and sexy man, lays a plan to first become his new roomer, then his business partner.

But Simon, stricken by his recent loss, is having none of Michael’s undisguised interest.

Not a man to be deterred easily from a goal, Michael sets about winning Simon’s affection. That particular battle is almost as difficult as tracking down the murderer of his predecessor, a nosy detective who was getting too close to the crimes of an evil person.

Simon spends more time ducking Michael’s advances than actually finding clues and solving the mystery. Inquiring minds want to know—how hard is Simon really trying to avoid Michael? And Michael isn’t hiding his forthright urges, but what secret is he hiding?

NOTE: This story is part of The Gaslight Mysteries series. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I really wanted to like this story, I really did. I loved the authors Nevada Highlander series and jumped on being able to read her again. But too many things felt forced. From the what I felt was a play on the name (Hart to Hart late 70’s early 80’s sitcom) and even the profession, although I believe the other H to H team didn’t actually have there own agency.  To Michael’s over cheery attitude and calling Simon ‘lad. That may have been a term used back then but it’s not the image I want in my head, sorry.

What I did enjoy is that we got a little back story on how these two got to where they are now. And with Michael picking at the very foundation Simon has built, it was fun watching it fall. watching these two build a friendship, relationship together. All the while they both try to solve a murder case.


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