Electric Candle (The Sleepless City #2) by Elizabeth Noble

Electric Candle Disclaimer MaleTAGWhen a vampire finds his soul mate, the bond is forever. It’s love at first sight. Or is it?

Flint, Ohio Homicide Detective Jonas Forge has been a vampire for nearly two hundred years. He’s fought wars, seen life go from the simple but hard colonial days to the modern high tech world. He’s evolved with the times, adapting with each new era, blending into each new life. The one constant is his best friend and lover, Declan.

Until Forge’s soul mate tumbles, literally, into his life.

Even though they’re not fated to be together forever, Forge and Declan are perfectly happy. Despite the pheromone attracting him to his soul mate, Forge isn’t thrilled with the guy, and the feeling seems mutual. While trying to adjust to his clumsy soul mate and equally awkward feelings, Forge is on the hunt for the serial killer who’s leaving a trail of bodies, and who witnesses can’t identify. But Forge better watch out. When his work collides with his love life, things really heat up. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I’ve been looking at this book/cover for ages now so when the audio came up I jumped. Having not read or listened to the first one I was a little concerned but knew I had time if I needed to go back. Which I didn’t. I’m guessing they made references to book 1 and the paring off throughout this book but it never took away from the story.

I found Forge a very entertaining character, for being so old and that clueless and yet incredibly smart and protective.  Unfortunately, Blair started getting on my nerves. That whining, aw sucks I’m not Declan so I’ll never be good enough, blah blah blah. enough! He’s the one that read the journals so he should know that Forge could only have feelings for him.  No matter what the past was or with whom.

All the secondary charaters are really great and played well off each other and helping set the scenes for more books. Maybe a vamp and werewolf pairing?

The narrator really did a great job with this one. Different voices, different dialects from Cockney English to whiny young American.

book  3

narrator 5

overall 4

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