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Coming to Colorado Disclaimer MaleTAGBook 4 of the Colorado Heart Series

Davis Whitaker doesn’t shy away from danger. But when his Boston assignment goes haywire, and he can’t trust anyone, Davis is forced to accept help from a stranger.

After an unlikely meeting, Ryan Pruitt offers to help Davis escape the threat lurking in the city. Attraction fires, leaving them both confused about what path they must take. When a dark figure hidden in the shadows almost shoots them, Ryan knows he should leave, but he can’t abandon Davis, even if it puts him in harms way.

Craig has escaped imprisonment. The guys at Wild Bluff have no idea why he’s traveling up the east coast of the United States—straight towards Boston. Mike and Roger go after Craig, but aren’t prepared for what they find. Davis, Duff’s son, is in the crosshairs of Craig’s wrath. Blood is spilled and a life hangs in the balance. Death comes knocking, shocking everyone at Wild Bluff.

Davis and Ryan might have survived the night, but can they last one day without help from the men of Wild Bluff Ranch? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

It’s been a while since I read bk 3 so the catch up in the beginning of the story was nice. And the way it was tied into Duff and Davis leaving on bad terms was great.  Also of course giving us the background on Ryan.

I personally think out of all the series I read, this group of guys are the best match out there. They think as one, have there backs and will help with out question in any situation. And when Ryan meets and reacts to Davis the same way it’s a perfect fit.

Some people may say, Ryan and possible Davis both readily agreed to the whole Craig and ranch thing too easly but you’ve got to take into account the backgrounds of both. High level Marine and CIA agent. so to me, none of it seemed far fetched.   Can’t wait to see who on the CIA said is working with Craig, and set up Davis!


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