Claimed by the Mate, Vol. 1 by Kate Douglas & A.C. Arthur

Claimed by the Mate, Vol. 1THE ALPHA’S WOMAN (A Wolf Mates Novel) by A.C. Arthur
Kira Radney is all delicious curves and strong will and has no desire to be a subservient mate. When a member of her father’s pack attempts to make her his mate by force, Kira has no choice but to flee. The last thing she wants is to submit to any male and their pack. But when her escape attempt leads her straight into the arms of an alpha wolf-a sexy, dangerous, protective alpha-Kira must fight against her need to be free, and her secret desire to be controlled…

FERAL PASSIONS (A Feral Passions Novel) by Kate Douglas
Disclaimer MaleTAG Welcome to Feral Passions, a luxurious private resort nestled in a preserve and staffed by dangerously sexy men, making it a haven for women who want to get away from it all. But Feral Passions is a front for a deeper, sexier secret-it’s a hunting ground for these men. Men focused on meeting each woman’s every need. Men who are also the beautiful wolves running wild…and who are looking for mates.

Chereza Dubios is more comfortable solving math equations than she is with her voluptuous body and meeting men. But when her younger sister and best friend trick her into vacationing at Feral Passions, Cherry finds herself attracted and torn between two men who find her curvy body and intelligent mind irresistible. Two men who share a secret-they want to share her.

But that takes trust-can Cherry open herself to love with two sensual and powerful werewolves?  addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

This was an interesting bundle for me to read. I am a fan of Douglas’ works, and have loved every one that I have read in the past, however I have never read anything by Arthur in the past. I started this bundle with the expectations that no matter what, I would still enjoy at least 1 of the stories.

That was not the case in the slightest though because even though, once again I was blown away by Douglas’ story, I was equally blown away by Arthur’s story as well. I am a total paranormal junkie and I love reading paranormal books. I do think that Arthur did a great job at creating a world, and the characters, in the book that drew me in and kept me wanting to know more about what was going on. But not only that, I was drawn into the character’s stories and didn’t want the book to end. I do hope that Arthur will continue on with this story and turn it into a series. If that is the case, I will be sure to be reading them once they release.

Douglas brought another great new book to this bundle as well. One thing that I loved about it is it is set up for a series, and I do have my fingers crossed that that will be the case. The Feral Passions resort was described in such a way that it was almost as though I was there, and I was so disappointed when the book ended because I didn’t want it to leave. Being a fan of Douglas’ work, there weren’t that many twists or shocks that actually shocked me, but that didn’t deter me from enjoying the story at all.

Overall, I would say if you’re looking for a great paranormal bundle, then this is one for you.

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