Breach: A Thriller by Nyong Atkins


Chris Greaves is hetero, metro, and even a little retro when it’s trendy. He drives an Italian car, wears a Swiss watch, and minds his own business in style. If he didn’t kill people for a living, he’d be any other guy in line at your local coffee shop, flirting with the barista.

For money, Chris will put a hole in your problem. Gun down, shoot up, whatever; he does it all. And he’s good, very. So is life. Everything is great until he meets… her.

Ella Cammisa: the cute filmmaker with dark hair and sexy curves. Ella with the bad clothes and beautiful face. Ella with the running video camera pointed at the only mistake Chris ever makes in his professional life.

What now? Kill her?

He kind of likes her. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

After seeing a woman fall out of a window and her date run after the woman and shoot her, Ella finds out her current boyfriend is a hit man. She decides to do a reality show recording his jobs. Not only is the hitman, Chris, the hitman, but he is also the hunted – someone is out to put an end to his life or jobs. But, Chris is good at blending in which makes him not so easy to find. That’s a very good thing when a rival killer is out to find you.

Breach is not your normal thriller. The way this book is written there is no one to root for. Everyone had an agenda and everyone wants something from something else. Just when you think the plot become predictable, the story takes a twist and proves you wrong. Full of many layers and characters woven throughout the story, it becomes difficult to distinguish between what is necessary within the plot and what isn’t. For that reason, I just could not get into and enjoy the confusing story without being distracted by all of the sub-stories going on around the main event.


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