Bare for You (Outback Skies #3) by Lexxie Couper

Bare For You Disclaimer MaleTAGNot all cowboys ride horses.

Jeremy Craig is on the cusp of being named the deputy prime minister of Australia. Which means he’s got to play his cards right and stay deep in the closet. Australia is a lot of things, but there’s no way the country is ready for a gay prime minister. So far, it’s been an easy ruse to maintain. Until he meets Ryan Taylor. Then all bets are off.

Ryan is sick of the Brokeback Mountain jokes. For starters, he’s an Australian stockman, not an American cowboy. For another, he spends most of his working days alone in a helicopter, not on the back of a horse. As Wallaby Ridge’s only contract heli-musterer, he gets to escape any small-town scorn high in the sky. He’s happy up there. Lonely, but happy. Who needs passion and wild sexual pleasure in their life when they have the boundless skies of the Outback, right?

Then Jeremy Craig climbs into his chopper…

Warning: This book may change your opinion of politicians. It also contains scorching, no-holds-barred passion between two alpha men, one with a Ryan Gosling fetish and the other with a secret deeper than the ocean. Yes, it’s that complicated. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

Not sure why I’ve never read this author before, is she new? Or I’ve been living under a rock? IDK. All I know is  – what a simple, sweet, well written story.

Ryan is a funny, sad, lonely charaters that comes off as everyone best friend but his worst enemy at times. The life of the party on the outside but really refuses to let people in and know him, Ryan the person.

Then we have Jeremy, politics has been his whole adult life and because of that he knew he had to give up a big piece of himself.  And at the  he was Okay with that. Now, not so much.

When Ryan and Jeremy first meet, it’s instant, hot and charming.  The way they interact with each other, with everyone else trying to hide the attraction until they can’t.

Then Jeremy leaves, and Ryan is willing to give him up!


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