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divine-pride-blog-hopA post about the big “L” word.  You know the one.  That thing that everyone strives for in their lives.  That “L” word that makes people crazy at times.  Or the “L” word that makes people sane.  I have no clue how the word affects everyone, because everyone is different.  I do know this though, that “L” word? Does affect everyone differently.

For me, the biggest sign of love is when I come home.  As many people know, between my home and my parents we have 8 dogs and a cat.  When I get home and all the dogs are at my parents house, I love walking in.  It has nothing to do with seeing my parents (No offense mum and dad!) but it has to do with the insane love that I get from the dogs.  All of them are so excited to see me, and they battle each other as to who gets “first loves” from me.  Even when I leave and go back over 10 minutes later, they are all so excited to see me, and can’t wait to tell me how much they missed me in their own ways.

To me? That is the truest and purest love that there is.  Don’t get me wrong, I know that others in my life love me, and they show it in their different ways.  My dad with his making up of songs about me, or calling me “She-Raw” or “Wonder Woman”.  My mom with her complete understanding that if she puts things in terms of food, I get it 100%.   My friend Miranda when she sends me pictures of lotion bottles, or pictures of wells. (Longggg story! But seriously watch Silence of the Lambs sometime!)  There is many types of love, and many ways that people can express their love.  Not 1 way is right or wrong, and when you find the type of love that works for you, keep a hold of it and never let it go.

**Crystal Marie**

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5 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love Blog Hop

  • Angela

    Thanks for sharing this post. As for your question my favorite movie (actually three movies ) is The Lord of the Rings trilogy. It has Love, Drama, action etc. and i loved them.

  • Bonnie Hilligoss

    I watch Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, and Willy Wonka whenever the come on. Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Trix

    I really like BEEFCAKE, the story of Robert Mizer and the Athletic Model Guild. It’s an enjoyably odd melding of documentary, screwball comedy, and melodrama, and you really learn how insane the censorship and homophobia that Mizer had to face was, just because he wanted to photograph nude men. (It’s very sexy, too!)

  • Sula

    Thank you for being of this blog hop and for a chance to win an Amazon gift card 🙂 I am love movies and have so many favourites that to one is impossible and its the same answer when someone asks what is my favourite book! Although if it’s a favourite romantic film then perhaps The Princess Bride and the line: ‘The day that she was amazed to discover that when he was saying “As you wish” what he meant was “I love you”. And even more amazing was the day she realised she truly loved him back’.

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