A Pirate’s Life for Me Book One: Captain & First Mate (Pirates of Anteros 1) by Tricia Owens

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After breaking up with his girlfriend, Lucas joins the cast of a pirate show on a tropical island. What he doesn’t know until too late is that there are two shows, one gay and one straight, and he’s just joined the cast of the wrong one. He wants badly to stay on the island but he faces two obstacles: the show’s sexy, alpha captain and his obnoxious but good-looking boyfriend. Lucas has to convince them he can play ‘gay’, but might end up learning more about himself than he’s prepared to. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 A-nony-mouseTAG

I grabbed this book because it was free. To be honest, I didn’t even read the blurb. I just saw it was M/M, that it was a decent length and thought, why not? Let me just say, I’m glad I got it.

Lucas has issues. After a bad breakup with his girlfriend, he’s aimless and has no idea what to do – until seeing an ad in a paper for an acting gig in the Caribbean. He leaps at the opportunity. What nobody tells him until he’s on the island and moved into the cottage with three other guys is that he is part of a gay pirate sex show.

You would think that would be difficult enough, wouldn’t you? No, in addition, he loves the place so much he doesn’t want to leave. However, before he has even blinked, he has an enemy in the boyfriend of the pirate captain and has to prove himself if he wants to stay. Also, he’s confused because of the way he feels around Adam – the pirate captain.

Turning a straight guy gay stories are usually either great or awful in my opinion. This story was so well written that even though I hated Tyler and cringed for Lucas, as soon as the story was done, I bought the second book to read along. Because – be warned. The story doesn’t end. It gives you a cliffhangar and you need to move on to the next book.

Aces to the secondary characters, especially Kip, Ben, and Orinth. They were so well-written and the kind that really stick with you. You will notice if you look up the book on several different eRetail sites, that the cover changes. A lot. That confused me, but believe me. The story is worth it. Don’t expect any full-on anal sex, but there’s a lot of teasing, and one hot 3-way scene as well. This book I think sets up the main storyline for the series, so there’s less sex and a lot of teasing.

Now, I must get back to the island. I would love to be the towel girl on that pirate ship. I’m tellin’ ya~!

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