Then the Stars Fall by Brandon Witt

Then the Stars Fall Disclaimer MaleTAGNarrated by: Andrew McFerrin
Length: 12 hrs and 21 mins
Unabridged Audiobook

The death of his wife four years earlier left Travis Bennett a shell of the man he used to be. With his dog by his side, Travis raises his three children, manages his business, and works as a ranch hand. But every day, every minute, is an aching emptiness.

Wesley Ryan has fond memories of the small Ozark town of El Dorado. Seeing it as a safe place to put his failed relationships behind him, Wesley moves into his grandparents’ old home and takes over the local veterinary clinic. An early morning visit from Travis and his dog stirs feelings that Wesley seeks to push away—the last thing he needs is to fall for a man with baggage and three kids as part of the package.

Life, it seems, has other plans. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This is my first book and audio book by Brandon Witt and I have to say when I first agreed and then saw it was over twelve hrs I was worried. Normally books that last that long just drag but I was surprised that this one was so engaging that those hours flew by and before I knew it we were at the end. What also had me concerned was the amount of kids and female characters, but again Mr. Witt wrote such engaging and marvelous people you just fell in love with everyone. You can totally get how Travis would make a promise to his one and only love and never break it. You can also understand the turmoil of living with the spirit of the wife still talking to him, encouraging him to go never be sad and enjoy this new and exciting relationship with Wesley. And Wesley just moving to the quiet Middle America town to get his life back on track, when all he can think and want is the rugged father of three small children. The ups and downs these face separately, together, by each other’s hands its heart breaking and heartwarming. Then you have the support cast, the sister, the best friend, the children, the animals, and the town’s people. All make up a wonderful touching, sometimes funny, sometimes sad tale.

The narrator, is just brilliant, nails ever voice perfectly. And is probably a big reason why the book flowed so well.

Book 5

Narrator 5

Over all 5


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