The Indivisible Heart by Patrick Roscoe

The Indivisible Heart Disclaimer MaleTAGThe discovery of a grotesquely mutilated body of a young man in Seville, Spain, sets off an investigation into an apparently psycho-sexual murder that has disturbing personal implications for chief detective Manuel Arroyo and Olivier Joaquin Ortega, the forensic pathologist handling the case. Interwoven with the official search to understand this mysterious death is the murder victim’s haunting narration of the final days in his life, stalked by a psychopath through the squares, bars, and cafes of the city. What drives his pursuer to murder? Is it really psychosis that compels him, or is it a worship even darker than the Moorish influences that haunt the city?

addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Kim Talks TomesTAGThis book is nothing like anything else I have ever read. The story-telling was unique and different – so much so that I found myself trying to rush through the story to find out more. The actual story is gruesome and disturbing. The opening starts with a mutilated corpse in an abandoned room. It goes from the detective finding the body and gathering information to the narrator out seeking a victim for his lover. It sounds disturbing and it is. But, it is done in a way that makes the reader want to go on and find out more. I’m not sure if I am nuts for liking it so much or if the book is that well done. I’m going to go with the latter.

While this book is listed as gay M/M erotica, it come across more as a suspenseful psychological thriller. I caution anyone picking up this book to have an open mind and keep going. Getting to the end is worth the effort.

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