Soul Scorched (Dark Kings #6) by Donna Grant

Soul ScorchedDarcy was floating on a cloud of pure passion. Everywhere he touched, Warrick was leaving a mark on her, forever changing her. She could feel it through her skin and muscle, through bone and into her soul. It was as if he was changing her. And she welcomed it…

Her power is a blessing.

Born on the Isle of Skye, Darcy is a beautiful woman of many gifts. Fortune-telling is her forte, and she remains the only Druid who could unlock the secrets—and desires—of a Dragon King. His name is Warrick. And now that Darcy’s seen into his dragon heart, nothing will ever be the same…

His passion is a curse.

Warrick never intended to put Darcy in harm’s way. But ever since she revealed a shocking truth, Darcy has been hunted by the Dark Fae, who want to use her powers for their own evil purposes. Now it’s up to Warrick to do whatever it takes to keep the woman who sets his soul on fire safe. But protecting Darcy means putting himself—and his entire race—in jeopardy. Is his desperate longing for one woman worth the risk of losing everything… for eternity?

Dive into Soul Scorched, the sizzling next novel in the Dark Kings series from New York Times bestselling author Donna Grant.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 The Reviewer JoyTAG

The sixth book in the Dark Kings series focuses on Jade Dragon King Warrick. Warrick is tasked alongside Thorne to watch, protect and gain information from a Druid named Darcy living in Edinburgh. Darcy is a powerful Druid who has the unique ability to touch Dragon Magic without dying. Her unique ability allowed her to unlock the bind the Dragon Kings had placed upon Ulrik giving him back part of his magic. Con fears she’s an enemy working for Ulrik who wants to destroy the Kings but Warrick thinks the Druid is an innocent caught up in a war she has little knowledge about. Con wants information from her and needs Warrick to get that information but the Dark Fae have set their sights on the Druid. Warrick will have to battle the Dark Fae, keep a watchful eye on Ulrik and ultimately go against Con’s orders so he can keep the Druid he’s falling for alive.

The romance between Warrick and Darcy is intense and authentic. As with all the other couples in the Dark King series they have to overcome danger and a number of hurdles before they can find their way to one another. The romance is interesting but the most captivating part of the story is the build up toward the upcoming battle and showdown between Ulrik and Con. With war on the horizon the Kings are preparing for the inevitable. More Dragons have awoken in preparation and Ulrik has stepped up the dangerous game of revenge. On top of that the Dark Fae have begun to break the rules moving out of Ireland and into Scotland praying upon humans forcing the Kings out of the safety of Dreagan in order to protect humanity.

The Dragon Kings are doing their best to keep their promise to protect humanity but their leader Con has become so wrapped up in focusing on Ulrik and his hatred for his former best friend that’s he started to alienate the other Kings and lose focus on the bigger picture. His heart has become darkened and he’s not the only one slowly turning from the light. Rhi has let her broken heart turn her toward making questionable decisions and it has her as well as the Dragon Kings wondering whose side she is on. I hope she finds her way back to the light but I fear that the only way that is going to happen is when Con finally wakes up and opens his heart to her and that isn’t looking like it will happen soon. Con’s only focus is on destroying Ulrik.

Donna Grant has created an interesting series with plenty of characters and plot twists to keep readers engaged. Ulrik alone will keep you on your toes and with every twist you’ll find yourself if he’s redeemable while secretly cheering him on despite his evil ways. I’m looking forward to reading book 7 and seeing how Thorn, the reckless warrior finds love on the battlefield.

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