#ShiftWithMe: Wrong Turn

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After a long, hard year filled with stress and heartache, Jessie Rohen decides to take a vacation to visit his friend and get away from real life for a little while, hoping it will help him heal. On the way, he has an accident and is injured. He wakes up with no memories of his past, not even of his name.

Xander Dane is a wolf shifter and Second of his pack. He saves Jessie’s life, only to realize Jess is his mate. Xander has been in the closet his whole life. Coming out may be harder than ever because not only does he have to tell everyone he’s gay and risk exile, but he has to tell his mate he’s part wolf. Since Jessie can’t remember who he is, Xander has to take a chance on a man who may have a life waiting for him somewhere else – a life that doesn’t include Xander.

This is the extended release version of Wrong Turn, which has been lengthened to more than triple its original size. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

What a wonderful novella, stage is nicely in the beginning as Jessie drives towards his one true friend and gets stuck in a horrible storm. Xan is out.in wolf form making sure his pack is safe and discovers the trouble Jessie is about to be in and runs to the rescue.

This story is so well written, even from the beginning, you can feel Xan first confusion on why he’s being that protective over this man, than fear on what his pack will think and do. You can also tell Jessie is wondering what he did so wrong to make this man, who clearly likes him treat him this way. Why again, someone just wants to use him but can’t seem to love him like he wants and does.

But the end OMG, so incredible sweet, sappy, I cried happy tears.


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