#ShiftWithMe: The Big Bad Wolf #2

The Spell

The SpellDannai, who is also known as the Healer, has begun dreaming of werewolves. She’d always been able to hide the fact that she was a dormant, using her magic to shield the sweet, promising scent from the alphas she’s been forced to work around. But now that they’ve invaded her dreams, her world has really been turned upside down. For, though every dormant dreams of her intended mate – Dannai is dreaming of two wolves, not one. And neither one of them is good news. One is a notorious killer. The other is Lucas Caige.

Lucas Caige is a man with a haunting past. A warlock took his brother from him fifty years ago and he’s spent his life outrunning that dark magic. But fate has a way of throwing sand in your gears – and just when Caige thought he could forever leave behind the magic that brought pain to his life, his path crosses that of the Healer. Dannai unwittingly casts her spell over him the moment he lays eyes on her. She’s stunning, she’s kind, and everything about her wreaks havoc on his senses.

She’s also magic incarnate.

But if Dannai thinks that’s going to stop him from doing everything in his power to make her his mate, the little witch has another thing coming.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAG

 The Spell is the continuation of The Big Bad Wolf series and Killough-Walden does not disappoint as Danny and Lucas are the focus of this action-packed installment. Danny is the Healer we met in The Strip. What we didn’t know about her was that in addition to being a powerful witch, she is also a dormant. Her magic has allowed her to mask her dormancy while working with the werewolves and keep it a secret. It’s not that she’s afraid of being mated to a werewolf despite the warnings from her guardian that a mating will be the end of her healing abilities, it’s that she knows one of her fated mates, Lucas Caige, hates magic users and the other is evil incarnate. When Fate forces her to cross paths with Lucas, she soon finds herself the bearer of a bonding mark. But the warlock who feels he has first claim to Danny because she’s in his coven uses his extensive magic to prevent Lucas from completing his claim. And the battle ensues as Lucas sets out to make Danny his mate.


It seems as though the author manages to ramp up the action with each installment. Not only does Danny have to worry about her mate rejecting her, but she also has to worry about an obsessive warlock and whether or not her other fated mate will show up and attempt to claim her. At the same time, Charlie is once again being targeted by Phalen. Even though Malcolm proves that he is a deadlier werewolf than Phalen, there are even more powerful forces at work and the dead don’t always stay dead in this installment. Despite the constant action, the author does give Lucas a few opportunities for him to show that his distrust of magic users does not apply to his mate. In spite of outside forces doing all they can to keep the couple from mating, Lucas is an alpha male who is not easily deterred and he will accept nothing less than completing his mating to Danny. As with the previous books, the actual mating scene is intense and sexy as all get out. The Spell’s Epilogue has me ready to dive right in to The Hunt.

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The Hunt Byron Caige has been a prisoner for the last fifty years of his supernaturally long life. Just when he gives up hope of ever knowing the taste of freedom again, he is unwittingly rescued by the very same woman who only wants to see him dead. Katherine Dare-Kat-is smart, fast, strong, and beautiful-but unfortunately she’s a Hunter, and she’s convinced that Byron murdered her father twenty years ago.

She’s also Byron’s dormant.

As supernatural war breaks out amongst the otherworldly of Earth and threatens the existence of entire races, Kat is faced with a terrible decision. Should she give up her cause and believe Caige when he professes his innocence? Or should she fight him and possibly avenge her father’s taken life-even while she forfeits her own? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Angela_s PonderingsTAG

 The Hunt is the final book in The Big Bad Wolf series and for me, it’s the most intense of them all. Why? Because Byron is alive! We learned at the end of The Spell that he was being held prisoner by the vampire princess. But his brother Lucas and the other werewolves don’t know this. After spending fifty years as a captive, Byron finally gets his shot at freedom and in the midst of his escape he encounters a dormant – his intended mate. Sounds great right? Freedom? Check. Dormant mate? Check. Mate’s occupation? Hunter. That’s a big WTF moment for Byron and it’s made worse when he realizes that he is she became a Hunter and he is her intended target. Hunter or not, Byron intends to claim his mate because after spending the last fifty years being tortured, he needs something to live for so he sets out to prove to her that her reason for targeting him is false and that they are meant to be together.


Kat is one of the best Hunters in the organization despite it being a male-dominated group. But when she learns the true reason behind her success, that her need for revenge is directed at the wrong being, and that nearly everything she has been taught about werewolves is wrong, she is unsure of what to do. That she finds herself drawn to Byron despite her distrust just serves to confuse her more. And when the Hunter becomes a prisoner of the organization she has worked for for over a decade…well all bets are off. As if the action that seems to accompany Kat and Byron are not enough, everything ramps up even more once Lucas learns that his brother is alive and the werewolves join in the race against the warlock king and the Hunters to find Byron and Kat.


Killough-Walden does a wonderful job of weaving the series’ storylines with the relationship that develops between Kat and Byron, while at the same time laying the foundation for the spin-off series (The Kings). I liked that despite Byron’s history, the author made him fight for his mate – even against herself. Of course once Kat reconciles her memories and teachings with the truth and joins with Byron, they become a force to be reckoned with. Add to that the secret that is revealed about the female werewolves and how they manage to break the curse, well I remained glued to my Kindle despite this being a reread. I loved The Hunt because not only did the author keep the tension and suspense level high, but she also managed to make me laugh and make me cry. The Hunt was an excellent ending for The Big Bad Wolf series and I’m looking forward to reading The Kings series soon (only the first two books of which are rereads).

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