#ShiftWithMe: The Atherton Pack

The Atherton Pack

Liam Disclaimer MaleTAGAfter a long night at work, all pastry chef Declan Morgan wants to do is have a run before he heads home to bed. His peaceful lope through the forest turns into a nightmare when he witnesses his Alpha kill a pack member in cold blood. Now Declan is on the run from the very people that should be protecting him.

Liam Anderson has never minded all the travel that comes with his position as a Beta to the Pennaeth Alpha. He’s used the time to search far and wide for his mate. He never expected to find the man naked and scared on his back porch.

Liam’s overjoyed at finally finding the one man fated for him, now if only he can get Declan to open up and trust him with the secrets he carries. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

I read this when it first can out, but re-reading it again was just as entertaining.

Declan and Tommy, his brother live w/a pack but aren’t super happy about it. Declan see something he shouldn’t and runs. Liam is content but not happy, he’s ready to settle down.

Even though Declan is on the run, I simple love how these two meet, How Liam goes right into ‘mate’ mode. Saving him, clothing him, feeding him and of course loving him.

And then once they told Liam’s Alpha the problem they embraced the issue. And went into kick butt mode. To rescue Tommy before something bad happens.


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BenDisclaimer MaleTAGTommy Morgan’s life was turned upside down at the hands of his Alpha. Now, another one is claiming to be his mate. He’s not ready to jump into a relationship with anyone, still suffering from nightmares due to the abuse he experienced. Instead, Tommy moves in with his brother, Declan, hoping for the space he needs to heal.

Pennaeth Alpha, Benjamin Taylor, has his hands full dealing with all the packs across Australia. When he finds his young mate battered and bloody, he knows Tommy is going to need time to recover and come to terms with everything. Ben is more than willing to give his mate anything he needs. Even if that means them living apart for now.

When passion finally ignites with unexpected consequences, Ben knows he’ll do anything, fight anyone, to keep his mate safe. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAG

This was another re-read for me, gearing up for Corey who I had bought but never read.

I had forgotten how heart breaking, warming this one was.

Warning, it starts out violent, with Tommy being beat up (reliving in a dream). Not all bloody, gory but fists and punches.

For the young age of Tommy, he’s years above his age. Ben is a wonderful mate, so patient, and understanding.

Liam and Declan are very supportive of the relationship blooming between Tommy and Ben but knows when to back away and let mates be mates.

What I enjoyed most about this story is the fact that even though these two know they are mates, but because of what Tommy has been through they both know they can’t act on the impulses that they feel but still want to share in touching. I loved how we got to see the healing process of Tommy, and the support of the pack.

And of course when Tommy finds out he’s pregnant! priceless!


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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Corey Disclaimer MaleTAGCorey Jones has always maintained he didn’t want a mate. After falling for his college professor and having his heart broken, he vowed to never go there again. Now, his decision to remain single is put to the test when he meets his Alpha’s new personal assistant, Ethan Davies, and discovers the man is his mate.

After growing up in the foster care system all Ethan ever wanted was a home and someone to love him. He’s overjoyed that his recent move has brought him to his mate. Ethan’s happiness soon turns to devastation when Corey walks away from him and their bond.

Ethan is forced to walk a fine line between respecting his mate’s wishes and refusing to give up on the one thing he’s wanted his entire life. With Ethan’s determination, an interfering bother, and pack members too interested in his personal life, Corey may not stand a chance.
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This is book three and really should read in order.

Corey and Ethan are a interesting pair. Both have been hurt by there pasts, one wants to stay away from anything to do with love and relationships. And the other never had love  growing up and now wants it forever.

I think what really confused me in the beginning was the we get Corey’s back story and then starts with Ethan, but nothing to suggest we’ve jumped time. So for a few pages/chapters I’m confused on who’s older, where are we.

I what I did really enjoy was the slow date process, they both had a lot to work through and it was nice to see that happening. Instead of ‘were mates, get over your issues.’

I also liked the continuation of everyone else’s story and the baby/pup being born.  We are not left with a cliffy as such, but this was not wrapped up. I’m guessing we have a book four coming or is out and I haven’t seen.


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