#ShiftWithMe: Revolution

Revolution Revolution Disclaimer MaleTAGJameson and Luuk have been on the run for their lives, but they’ve been running from more than their enemies.

Three years running for their lives has brought Luuk and Jameson to the point of desperation. A close call that almost ends in their deaths makes it clear to Luuk that he must stop running and find a way to take back his position as the European Alpha Anax, leader of all wolf shifters in Europe. To do so, he must defeat the man who ambushed him and has been trying to kill him and Jameson.

Jameson didn’t know when he fell for Luuk that he was Luuk’s mate. He didn’t know shifters existed, but he learned fast and hard. Three years on the run in the wild have left him too close to an edge that, if he falls over, he fears he’ll be lost. The darkness in his mind is threatening his life as much as those who hunt him.

As Luuk and Jameson take their stand, they find they have allies in places they never suspected, and Jameson hasn’t been forgotten by everyone he left behind, not at all. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Double TimeTAG Angela_s PonderingsTAG

 In Revolution we learn the fate of Adam’s best friend Jameson and his mate Luuk. This proved to be quite the interesting read as the author had to balance out the depressing and harrowing effects of three years spent on the run after a cowardly ousting with the love between Jameson and Luuk, with the joy of Jameson’s eventual reunion with Adam, and with Luuk’s hope that he finally had allies and could successfully retake his position as the European Alpha Anax. That’s a lot to juggle, yet Bradford does an impressive job of pulling it off and adding some seriously hot shifter sex to the mix.


Having first learned of Jameson in Resilience, I was excited to read his and Luuk’s story. Admittedly I wasn’t prepared for just how hard their lives have been since Luuk’s half-brother attempted to murder them three years ago. The author does a great job of communicating Jameson’s depression, anger, hopelessness, and love that I felt it all. And my heart broke for him when he was forced to let his wolf take control after yet another assassination attempt. It’s also what made the following scene at the church so emotionally distressing – to think you have finally found sanctuary and then worry that it’s not as safe as it appears certainly wreaked havoc on my nerves on Jameson’s behalf. So I was probably as relieved as Jameson and Luuk were when days later they found themselves safely ensconced with supporters and help on the way. Understandably, there is quite a bit of tension in this installment but it’s done well and without being dragged out unnecessarily. And the challenge scene at the end … oh my, good stuff.


While the focus of Revolution is on the relationship between Jameson and Luuk and all that they endure, the book actually made me fall in love with Marcus even more. His actions in the book show just how committed he is to the success of all shifters and not just those in his North American packs. It is true that part of his excuse for getting involved was through Gabe’s relationship with Todd (Adam’s mate), but this was merely what brought the situation to his attention. What I find exciting is that Marcus’s concern doesn’t end with the reinstatement of the proper Alpha Anax in Europe. Nope, he’s also looking at the brutality being inflicted by the Alpha Anax of South America and this paves the way for even more stories in the Southwestern Shifters series. As I am thoroughly enjoying the series, this makes me quite happy as I am not looking for it to end anytime soon. Needless to say I am quite excited that Revenge is already loaded on my Kindle and I can’t wait to read Ryder’s story.

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I love Luuk and Jamie’s story. So sad that they have been on the run for three plus years, losing everything they know and people they love. Only having each other while running across Europe, hiding from the very shifters that want to kill them.

These two are so brilliantly written, you can feel the anguish that they are feeling when they think they are the direct cause of someone else pain. The joy when they can stay in human form for a few days.  The nervousness when they reach out to old friends for the first time in years. And when they finally meet up with the friends, wonderful stuff.

I think what I enjoyed most was this book really let us have time with these two, before they brought in Marcus, Nathan, Adam and the rest. To help fight the bad guys and help secure Luuk place back as Europe’s AA.


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