#ShiftWithMe: Renounced

Renounced Renounced Disclaimer MaleTAGNothing is as simple as it seems, or as safe.

Dallas Smith just wanted a nap in the hammock but he ends up being abducted by a jaguar shifter named Tiago. They have a distinctly different take on several subjects, and Dallas is shocked to learn just what Tiago really is.

Tiago thinks the wolves in the rainforest are an invasive species that need to leave.

Meanwhile, there’s a threat to the rainforest that no one saw coming. Marcus Criswell has had more losses in the past year or so than he can deal with. He has to, though, because he’s the Alpha Anax of the North American packs. The only reason he’s in South America is because his guard was kidnapped, but now Keegan is safe.

There’s still the matter of the man who tried to abduct Keegan. He can’t go unpunished. Then another shifter goes missing. Dallas, gone from the hammock in a heartbeat.

And on top of that, Maarten is missing.

It just got hotter than hell in Brazil. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Double TimeTAG Angela_s PonderingsTAG

 Renounced finds us still in South America with Ryder’s pack as Marcus, Nathan and their contingent of North American shifters are still trying to track down the elusive drug dealer Robert Butler. As Ryder and Marcus work together to find and eliminate the man that has harmed members of both of their packs, Dallas is trying to recover from his injuries. And deal with a less than welcomed mate. Oh yes another troubled mating in paradise is on the horizon and this one may be the most unlikely of pairings to date.


Having met and become enamored with Dallas in Reluctance, I was excited to see him find his mate. Even if his mate was unlike any mate any of the wolf shifters had ever encountered before. Do you remember the jaguar that Olin encountered in the previous book and insisted had to be a shifter? Our Olin is a smart boy and he knew what he was talking about – even if he was “just human.” I thoroughly enjoyed Tiago’s introduction to the series because the wolves not only learn that they’re not as “alone” in their uniqueness as they believed, but also because his solitary ways proved to be a natural obstacle he and Dallas had to work through. Of course this was complicated by the way in which Tiago abducts Dallas – poor Dallas – and that his thoughts are no longer private. Watching Tiago fight the mating call was amusing because he’d never experienced anything like it and it went completely against his nature. When Tiago finally embraces the mating instinct, it is hot but short-lived because his thoughts send Dallas off in a tizzy. Tiago must decide whether or not he has what it takes to be the mate he’s supposed to be.


At the same time that Tiago and Dallas are coming to terms with their mating bond, Ryder, Marcus, and Nathan are faced with Maarten’s abduction by Robert Butler. While Maarten’s rescue was a given, the level of treachery that Ryder and the others experience was not. But when Dallas once again falls victim to Butler’s machinations (Tiago along with him), Marcus has had enough. Bradford uses the storyline regarding Butler to infuse a lot of action and suspense in this installment, enough so that I really didn’t know how it would turn out. I will say that Nathan’s upbringing as a human came in handy at the end of the book because it allowed him to forego the sense of honor that Marcus is saddled with and use his own moral compass to exact justice in a very human way. There is little doubt that Nathan will suffer some mental anguish for the blow he struck because that’s just the kind of guy he is, but it would have been far worse had his human nature not overtaken his wolf. Renounced was an excellent addition to the Southwestern Shifters series and I do hope Bradford has more in the works.


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I love the Dallas, that flirty attitude. I liked Tiago, his stealth and and presence. I just wish we could have spent more time together.  Learning these two, especially since we are crossing breed lines now.

I felt like this story just wanted to accomplish too much, we had too many sub stories, too many charterers to really get invested in one. It did help that most of the players are people we’ve met and know them, the mates and the connections. So we aren’t having to learn new while trying to figure out who took who and why.

I did enjoy the finally ‘hail Mary’ battle at the end.


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