#ShiftWithMe: Rendered

Rendered Rendered Disclaimer MaleTAGAlex Morgan has a mission set for himself-get justice for his Alpha Anax and come back the big hero. The only problem there is that he can’t seem to track down Joshua Dobson, and he needs to, because Joshua needs to die. This was supposed to be a quick deal, but it’s been weeks and Alex is tired and missing his pack, and he can’t escape a few new truths he learns about himself.

Before Alex decides to totally throw in the towel, he manages to find the man he’s been hunting, and his entire pack. Alex calls for reinforcements then finds he needs more than a few reinforcements of his own-against a man who has been abused most his life. A man who is Alex’s destined mate. A man Alex doesn’t think he should want, because he’s the brother of Joshua Dobson.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series and there is reference to past sexual assault and violence in this book. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Double TimeTAG Angela_s PonderingsTAG

 Hallelujah! Joshua Dobson is finally made to answer for his sins and we learn in Rendered that he has committed far more than anyone realized. After failing his Alpha Anax so completely, Alex set off at the end of Reckless to track down Joshua Dobson and make him pay for Marcus’s abduction and torture. Rendered picks up with Alex finding Joshua’s trail after several false starts and having to call in for backup once he realized he was too outnumbered to take on Dobson and his pack. His decision to call in turns out to be quite fortuitous as he not only learns that Marcus had full faith in his abilities (after all, it was only Alex claiming he failed in his duties), but it also keeps him from unknowingly violating one of Marcus’s edicts – no harm is to come to Sean Dobson. And it’s when Alex encounters Sean that things get REALLY interesting.


Sean is Joshua Dobson little brother. He’s the young man who risked and received several beatings for helping Marcus while he was being held by Joshua. He’s also Alex’s mate. And didn’t that just tick Alex off. But when Marcus and his mate Nathan stand up for Sean and make Alex realize how foolish and disrespectful he is being by refusing his mate, he begins to reconsider his personal ban on all things Dobson. But because both men were victimized by Joshua and Sean is still healing from his brother’s attempt to kill him, Alex takes a few days to actually get to know his mate and build a bond that becomes vital to their healing – both of their healing. While Joshua Dobson is not an honorable man, he had every intention of fulfilling the last promise he made to his brother – if he survived the last punishment, Joshua would come a collect him because as far as he was concerned, Sean belonged to him.


There were several things I really liked about Rendered. Obviously I really, Really, REALLY liked that Joshua was brought to justice (you’ll have to read the book to find out what his punishment was). This of course was tied with the emotional healing that Alex and Sean begin to undergo once they accept one another’s mating mark. With both men being victims of the same abuser, they had an insight into the other’s emotional pain that few others did. But rather than dwelling on their shared pain, they chose to move forward together. Alex and Sean are not only good for one another, their mate bond leads to some seriously hot sex scenes throughout the book. My only complaint about Rendered is that we didn’t get to find out what nicknames Gabe gave Alex and Sean. Hopefully that tidbit will be revealed in Resilience.

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This one picks up shortly after the previous one but you don’t feel like you’ve missed anything. Also this one is about Alex and told from his POV but all the normal charaters are present and accounted for.

Alex understands he screwed up on several levels, but someone keeps pulling him towards this pack,area this scent, this feeling he can’t name and doesn’t want to lose. All the while knowing he’s getting closer to finding his arch enemy, the man that took is boss and love Marcus. As you go through this first part of the journey with Alex you get a better understanding on why he has to do this alone. And your heart bleeds a little for him.

Then we find Sean, we had heard of him in the last book, how Joshua was abusing him and this time we really see first hand what a monster Joshua is and how amazing Sean is for surviving for so long. When Sean and Alex find each other, and the healing begins for both of them, so wonderful.

Once the team arrive and put a plan together, the action is quick and merciless. Makes me wonder what the next book will hold.


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