#ShiftWithMe: Reluctance

Reluctance Reluctance Disclaimer MaleTAGWhat starts out as a simple assignment becomes everything Keegan every feared, and everything he ever wanted.

Keegan has served Marcus, his Alpha Anax, to the best of his abilities. After the deaths of several guards a year ago, however, Keegan is afraid he’s going to unravel at the seams. His worry over keeping everyone safe robs him of sleep and any hope of peace.

And people are noticing. Members of the guards he is captain of think he needs to get laid, or at least remember how to laugh. Keegan thinks they need to learn that there are boundaries they shouldn’t cross with him.

When he learns of a security breach by Marcus’ brother Aidan, exposing a flaw in the safety measures Keegan has set in place, Keegan is desperate to find someone to make sure the electronics at the shifter compound are break-in proof.

Marcus and Nathan are worried about Keegan. When they find someone to do the job Keegan needs done, they make sure Keegan is the one to take a short trip to Brazil to pick up the security expert, Olin.

But when Olin and Keegan meet, they snap and snarl at each other while fighting the mating bond that keeps flaring between them.

Then something happens that makes them both have to depend on each other, and if they’re lucky enough, they might even survive the ordeal.

But first they’ll have to escape their would-be captors, and make it through the rainforest, where strange things are bound to happen. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Double TimeTAG Angela_s PonderingsTAG

 With eight books already in the Southwestern Shifters series you would think it would start to get stale, but Reluctance is far from it and shows the series has more to offer. Bradford not only introduces new characters as Keegan is sent to South America to escort a security expert back to New Mexico, but she also introduces a series thread I would never imagine occurring – two actually – and I cannot wait to see where things go from here.


Since Dirk’s cowardly attack on the New Mexico compound in Revenge, Keegan has apparently been hyper-vigilant in his duties. It seems as though Marcus is not the only one harboring guilt over the shifters lost that day but as Keegan does not have a mate looking out for him like Marcus does, Keegan has become so focused on work that his personal life has suffered tremendously. But he’d do anything his Alpha Anax asks, including that which scares him most…flying. I liked the inclusion of Keegan’s fear of flying as it is such a human trait and while most shifters dislike flying, Keegan’s fear is worse, but as we learn later it pales in comparison to his mate’s fear. As for Keegan’s mate, I LOVED OLIN!!! I so cannot wait to see Olin, Nathan, and Gabe together because they are either going to wreak major havoc or kill one another and as I believe it will be the former, it is going to be a blast to watch.


Now because of the added action and suspense elements and what happens, I’m very limited on the specifics I can discuss because this is one book you need to experience the action as it plays out. What I will say is that another plot against Ryder’s position as the South American Alpha Anax is discovered and it has far reaching consequences beyond Ryder and his pack. As for the second plot twist, it’s only suggested at in Reluctance but as I’ve read the blurb for the next book in the series, Renounced, I know that what Olin has suggested is true. With the action increasing in the last couple of books, I’d suggest that Bradford is getting a bit bloodthirsty. However she remains true to the romance aspect of the series and while the conditions are not ideal, the bond that is formed between Olin and Keegan is as strong as any of the mates. And I must say that the added kink kicked the hotness factor up. I’m not sure that the introduction of a bit BDSM would have worked as well with any of the other mates. There is just something about Olin that made it feel believable. I loved Reluctance and cannot wait to read Renounced to see what happens next.

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Keegan was sent to Brazil for a business trip and came back with a mate.

I’ve always liked Keegan, Olin not so much. I found the snippy attitude annoying. Reminded me a lot of Nathan and Gabe and not in a good way.

The story itself was great, getting the story on how Ryder is settling in or not.  The new species of shifters showing up. The flirt Dallas, and how he is intertwining himself with the pack/story line.

What I did enjoy was how we are breaking off from the original people and giving others there voices.


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