#ShiftWithMe: Mate Set

Mate Set Mate Set It’s werewolf mating season. All the males are in heat and the driving, sexual lust of their beasts is almost uncontrollable. Mika is human, in an alley, surrounded by four horny werewolves. She knows she’s in deep shit. A tall, handsome werewolf rescues her then demands payment. Hot, sweaty, intimate payment.

Grady is a half breed whose his human mother abandoned him to his werewolf father, so he knows human women just aren’t safe to fall in love with. The wolf within him wants Mika as his mate, but Grady will not give in. Never. Ever. He’s willing to fight his emotions and his beast, no matter how much sexy Mika tempts him.

But neither of them expected her Uncle Omar to assign Grady to protect her from other males—24/7, in her home, sleeping just down the hall. Mika decides to make the best of her vacation and keep the hot wolf in her bed. Grady can’t resist the scorching sex, but he is determined to resist the bond.

Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes – no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms) here!addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angela_s PonderingsTAGWhen the idea of theme months for the blog came up and we were asked if there were any shifter books we’d like to read, I immediately volunteered to read the Mating Heat series. It’s been far too long since I last read the first two books and I never got a chance to read book three once it was released. So this was the perfect opportunity for me to revisit old friends and within just a few pages, I found myself immersed into another of Dohner’s wonderful worlds. For me, Dohner consistently delivers fascinating characters, a good amount of action, and some seriously hot sex and Mate Set is no exception.


As the first in the series set around the Alpha Pack headed by Elroy Harris, this installment wastes no time getting into the action as our first encounter with Mika is as she has been dragged into an alley by four drunk and randy werewolves. Fortunately for Mika, her uncle is a werewolf and an important member of the pack, so she knows how to deal with the local shifters. Unfortunately for Mika, these shifters aren’t local, it’s mating season, and they don’t care that she’s human and that their plans to use her to slake their mating heat will result in her death. When another shifter joins the party, Mika finds herself a rescuer instead of another attacker and flees only to be pursued by her rescuer who demands a little bit of sexy payment that serves to save her yet again when they part. When the two meet again the following day, their harmless encounter serves to ramp up the heat when her rescuer, Grady, is assigned to guard her during the mating season to protect her from being harmed or mated. What follows is a seriously sexy, sometimes humorous, and often frustrating read as Grady attempts to deny his mating instincts and accept what Mika is offering. Of course, when instinct takes over Mika soon finds herself wondering if her heart is going to come out unscathed once Grady’s mating heat passes.


Mate Set definitely delivers on the sex and because we’re dealing with shifters in the midst of their mating season, the sex is hot, rough, and frequent – and I loved every bit of it. The connection between Mika and Grady occurs rather quickly due to Mika feeling a level of safety in Grady’s presence that she’s only experienced with her Uncle Omar. Once the reader meets Grady’s “stepmother” it becomes glaringly obvious as to why he has no interest in mating with a human, no matter how much he is drawn to Mika. This doesn’t make his actions toward her any less hurtful, but it makes them understandable. And his actions make Mika’s reactions VERY understandable because I would’ve headed straight to the airport too. Mika’s flight provides the perfect opportunity for the author to introduce Grady’s half-brothers and expand upon the reader’s introduction to the Alpha pack, thereby laying the foundation for the series. Of course, Dohner gives the couple (and the reader) a much deserved hot and happy ending that left me ready to reread His Purrfect Mate immediately.

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