#ShiftWithMe: Attracting Anthony

Attracting Anthony Attracting Anthony Disclaimer MaleTAGAnthony Carrow never thinks to find the love of his life when he goes to a bar with his best friend Steven Dell. Getting over the death of his lover has been a hard task for Anthony. After two years he’s still broken-hearted and doesn’t have any intention of joining the dating scene. However, going with Steven to scope out a werewolf club to help his friend find a mate leads to unexpected consequences.

Silver, alpha leader of the Moon pack, has been searching for his mate for a long time. Unhappy with the men he meets he’s given up searching for the man of his dreams until Anthony walks into the bar.

Can a man who’s already suffered a loss once be persuaded to give love a second try or will fear hold them back from finding the love they both deserve. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Listening to Andrea LeeTAGThis fast pasted novella is a great starting point to a series I meant to start when this one was released (again) back in 2013. But like most series books for me, by time the second came around to being released I had moved on and forgot all about it.

So when this theme month rolled around, and I was scrolling through my personal books, I ran across this one, did a re-read and now I’m ready for the rest of the series which I believe is on book 14. Yikes.

Silver and Anthony make an interesting but good team. Anthony, still unsure of his footing after all these years later, But tired of being alone. And Silver wanting Anthony but understanding his issues. Anthony being knocked sideways when Silver really doesn’t care about his bloodline, he just wants him. And the support cast, makes for a great read. The story of the para’s learning to work together is a good one.


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