One Step Away (A Bedford Falls Novel Book 1) by Sydney Bristow

One Step AwayThis book has been revised and re-worked, and is re-released in this updated second edition .

Alexander Lawford is certain that his best friend is his soul mate. Only problem is that Marisa Moretti just doesn’t see him as boyfriend material. And when she gets together with her on/off boyfriend, a man who is convinced that he will marry Marisa, extreme measures are called for.

So Alexander meets up with a good buddy, a bad boy women can’t resist, and learns to use his razor-sharp sense of humor, big heart, and good looks to show Marisa what she’s missing. But will it be enough to captivate a woman who’s positive that her destiny lies with another man? addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Alexander and Marisa have been best friends for a couple of years. He saves her when needed and she helps him be the best man any woman would want. However, Alexander thinks she is his soulmate and she doesn’t feel the same way. After chasing away another one of her ex-boyfriends, Alexander reveals his true feelings for her after becoming frustrated that he has all the traits she is looking for in a man. She can’t return his feelings because she doesn’t want to lose him as a friend. After Marisa begins seeing an on again/off again boyfriend, Alexander enlists the help of his womanizer friend to teach him how to act to make Marisa love him.

I really liked Alexander in the beginning. He was kind, helpful, caring, and always willing to be there for those he loves. However, I thought his devotion to Marisa was a little creepy considering she didn’t reciprocate her feelings. I hated that he wanted to change so much about himself to get Marisa’s attention. As for Marisa – I just could not find a good reason to like or connect with her. She whined a lot about men, used Alexander when needed, and was a mess because of her mommy issues. Yes, she didn’t have a good example and was looking too hard for something she thought she wanted in a man, but it just did resonate with me. With that said, the writing well done and I really liked the character of Kelsey. She was hilarious and very easy to relate to! That is what I look for in a heroine. Overall, this is just a good story with not so likable characters.


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