Ganymede Quartet Spotlight #3

A Willful Romantic

Disclaimer MaleTAGLove is everything, but sometimes it’s not enough.

At the dawn of 1901, Henry Blackwell is gathering the courage to share his feelings with his companion slave Martin. Henry is in love, and he’d do anything to make Martin love him in return. In anticipation of making such a declaration, Henry works to be a better person, the sort of man whose love is worth having.

But simply having love returned isn’t enough. Henry wants unreasonable things, impossible things. He wants his love for Martin to be accepted and acknowledged, even admired, by the world at large. He desperately wants there to be a place in the city where he can behave as he likes with the person he loves. Practical Martin doesn’t approve of Henry’s romantic notions and urges caution. Henry struggles between keeping Martin happy and pursuing his dream of acceptance.

This is the third of four installments in the Ganymede Quartet, continuing the story from A Proper Lover (Ganymede Quartet Book 2).addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da97Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

 I really think that out of this whole series so far, this book is my favorite. I loved how we get to grow more with Henry and Martin, and follow along with their relationship.

Glass did a great job at this story because the emotions that were portrayed onto the page were amazing. Everything that the characters were feeling was so life-like and so realistic, I couldn’t help but feel that way as well. Henry’s love for Martin was just amazing, and I loved how even though they can’t have a “normal” relationship Henry is still trying to do that with Martin.

Henry’s frustration is completely obvious at how Martin keeps baulking on everything, but who can blame a young man in love for wanting to share that love with everyone?

I do have to say that the ending of the story? As bad as this sounds, I was so hoping that something like that would happen! I know, I’m a horrible person but in all honesty, it added that extra bit of “reality” to the story and made it that much more great.

Once again Glass has blown me away with this series, and I can’t wait to get my hands on book 4 because I *have* to find out what is going to happen next with Henry and Martin! Being able to be so involved with their lives so far has been great, and it just keeps getting better.

If you haven’t started this series yet, then I would completely recommend that you do because it is so unlike anything else that I have read, that it puts it in a league of it’s own.

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A Vital Chemistry Disclaimer MaleTAGFirst love, new love.

On Valentine’s Day, Martin prepares to tell Henry he loves him. It’s not appropriate for a slave to burden a master with his feelings, but Martin doesn’t think Henry will mind. He won’t let himself hope for Henry to return the sentiment, but the truth is that he feels loved. He knows how that feels because he was loved before—by his friend Richard at Ganymede.

Martin treasures his memories of Richard, but he’s glad to be with Henry here and now. There’s a vital chemistry that draws Martin to Henry, and it’s unlike anything he’s experienced before. There’s more between them than Martin thought possible between master and slave, and he wants to believe it will endure, but he worries Henry will someday fall for a free man. Can Martin trust in Henry’s love?

This story is told from Martin’s point of view and runs parallel to events that take place in Chapter 12 of A Willful Romantic (Ganymede Quartet Book 3). addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da97 Crystal Marie_s RamblingsTAG

I do love that Glass shares with us a special “scene” from each book in Martin’s POV. I’ve said before that while it is great to get to see things from Henry’s viewpoint in the stories, at times it is great to be able to see and feel what Martin feels.

This scene was one that while I was reading book 3, A Willful Romantic, I had hoped was going to be the scene that Glass shared with us.

Being able to understand the turmoil that Martin was going through, and his nervousness, when it came to something as simple as a card was just great. I also loved how we were given some insight into Martin’s past and what he had gone through.

While we did know a little bit about what he had went through while in school, being able to relive it with him seriously brought tears to my eyes and left me wanting to hold him close.

Once again, Glass blows me away with this great series and I can’t wait for the next book!


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