Experimentation (SINDER #1) by Jane Devreaux

SinderA rumor can make you popular and it can make you dangerous. A rumor can change everything.
Her black, too large eyes with too much makeup have already made shudder more than one. It has been said that her parents are in jail; that she beat up to death a guy who dared to make fun of her name. She is Sandre River.
He’s the handsome popular football player. The one going out with the gorgeous and too prude Marcy Shepard; the one who has all girls drooling over him. He is Josh Anderson.
Sandre will never admit she likes him.
Josh will never admit his hormones are boiling.
A single provocation from Sandre will be enough to turn their lives upside down. “You want my advice? Get yourself a girl, whichever one, empty your balls, and turn your brain back on.”
Who would have imagined that those words could lead to an incredible love story?
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I have struggled with this review.  A fact that must be known and taken into consideration is this was translated over from French, so there are places that will read awkwardly and make the reading flow stumble.  Overall I felt it was a good translation job so that bears no weight in my rating.  The writing style was interesting and kept a quicker pace in the plot.

Where I have a problem is the young age of the main characters and how they were dealing with grown up issues that even grown-ups shouldn’t be involved in.  Sandre is in the middle of a situation at home and rumors are flying all over regarding her past and what she is capable of.  Instead of trying to clear her name, she uses those rumors to survive and keep people away from her.  She has an interest in the school jock Josh, who is dating Marcy.

Josh and Marcy make the perfect school couple but Josh’s life on the outside doesn’t reflect what is going on behind closed doors.  As he becomes entangled in Sandre’s web, he finds that sex becomes addictive and Marcy won’t go away.  His inner turmoil and the desire to detox from the situation are always sabotaged by his addiction to Sandre, and she is more than willing to feed his needs, even knowing he is cheating on his girlfriend.

The ending felt very much like a cliffhanger that leaves you with a whole new set of issues that Sandre will be forced to deal with.  While I loved the intensity and the events that created the twists and turns in this plot, I was constantly reminded of the age of these characters and it just felt wrong.  I compromised on my rating because the writing talent and creativity of Devreaux was outstanding, but for the sake of giving an honest review about my feelings regarding this book, I couldn’t get over my own discomfort of what I was reading.


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