Beyond the Poison Chalice by Helena Maeve

Beyond the Poison ChaliceCoveting the enemy is simply to die for.

Claudia Salizar has given blood, sweat and tears to the tenuous armistice between the factions that inhabit St. Louis. She rules the north side with an iron fist, striving to keep the peace between vampires, werewolves and humans no matter the cost. Stumbling across two mysterious intruders who may jeopardize everything she’s worked for is no small inconvenience.

The pair need safe passage out of the vampire quarter and they’re willing to negotiate. Claudia is immediately drawn to Silver, a human with an unusually delectable scent whose tantalizing touch brings her to the height of ecstasy. His taciturn companion is harder to crack, but Claudia has met her fair share of werewolves and giving herself to Lucan awakens desires she has too long suppressed.

Justice is soon the furthest thing from Claudia’s mind, but colluding with outsiders can have unforeseen ramifications. It’s not long before running Silver and Lucan out of town seems like the only sensible option. Time for Claudia to decide what she values more—her hard-won reputation or the two men in her bed?

Publisher’s Note: This story has been previously released as part of the Wild After Dark anthology by Totally Bound Publishing. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16 Kim Talks TomesTAG

Wow! The author sure packs a punch in the pages of this short story! Claudia Salizar is an enforcer. Her job is to keep the peace between all of the supernaturals within her territory. She is also a vampire. When she stumbles upon a pair of men being terrorized by two young vampires, she comes to their rescue. But, one of the men, a werewolf named Lucan, is from her past. The other, a human named Silver, leaves her salivating for his body and blood. She offers the two a safe place to stay until dawn when the vampires lay in their coffins. But, she didn’t think she would need to be saved from the intense hunger and lust caused by Silver’s scent.

When the group gets to Claudia’s home, Silver offers her a taste of his blood. But, it only sends him into an intense heat which causes Claudia to lust for him, also. Clothing goes flying and Lucan watches the two try to help each other. Instead of being jealous, it only causes Lucan to want the pair! The sex scenes between Silver and Claudia, Lucan and Claudia, and then all three are some of the HOTTEST I have ever read! The lust and intensity can be felt coming out of the pages (no pun intended). I guessed that they would end up in a ménage, but not in the way it all ended! And what an ending it was! I never saw that coming! I just wish I knew where Silver ends up within the ménage. I also wish a little more time was spent on the storyline of Silver’s capture and poisoning. Even with those wishes, I still give this story a solid 5 Stars!


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