The Widow by Colette L. Saucier

cover64668-medium In this thrilling romantic suspense, DEA agent David Alvarez invested four years in deep undercover infiltrating the ruthless Sonora Drug Cartel only to have his primary target gunned down by a rival gang. Now his only hope in salvaging the operation and bringing the largest drug trafficker in the world to justice lies with the man’s beautiful, young widow Catherine, whom he cannot bring himself to trust.

Catherine would do anything to break free from the clutches of the cartel, but despite her desperate efforts, she can never escape the mistakes of her past that continue to haunt her.

Even though he cannot deny their mystical, mutual attraction, David must carry out his orders – from both the DEA and the Cartel – catching Catherine in a spider web of duplicity and deceit. How far will David go to bring down the cartel? If he succeeds in winning the widow’s trust, would he be willing to risk her life – or his heart?

NOTE: This novel contains strong language and intense sexual situations.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

The Widow is a twisted tale about a woman who married into a large drug cartel and can’t escape, even after her husband’s death. David is an undercover agent who has been working for the Martinez family for the last few years. He has loved Catherine since their college days, even though he was the “best friend” of her husband. David must do anything he can to bring down the family and their business, even if it hurts Catherine.

The beginning of the story starts out very strong. Catherine is standing at her husband’s grave during his service and later goes back to the family home to receive guests and their condolences. She has no feelings for her husband’s death and asks David to take her home. Unaware that she is being watched by the agency David works for, she fools the Martinez Family guards and makes an escape. David reports this to the family, hoping it will earn their trust even more when he finds her. I really enjoyed this part of the story and how fast paced it was. This kind of suspense is what keeps a reader engaged and wanting more.  Unfortunately, the story and integrity of Catherine fell flat about halfway into the story. She partied her way through college by using drugs and is addicted to prescription drugs and alcohol as an adult. While I understood her need to numb herself because of her marriage and the life she lived, I found her to by hypocritical in the way she denounced her husband’s and is family’s business. However, I tried to push past that and found that the story fell flat for me. I tuned out and could not enjoy the rest of the story.

With the fantastic writing and unique story-telling by the author, this book will appeal to a large group of readers that enjoy a good, suspenseful, Mafia type of story.