The Dragon’s Curse by Victoria Zagar

The Dragon's Curse

War is brewing between the Greenlands and the Summer Kingdom, despite the efforts of Lord Aidan and Prince Varion, who have been meeting in secret in an attempt to maintain peace. When war proves inevitable, Aidan offers Varion asylum, loathe to see the man he’s come to care about become his enemy.

But Varion refuses, sacrificing safety and his own desires to stay in the Summer Kingdom in order to protect his little brother from their ruthless father. The two men instead declare a blood oath to always protect each other, an oath that will see them through war, transformation, and a deadly curse…addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

 The Dragon’s Curse is a M/M Fantasy that starts out strong, but fizzles towards the middle and end. Lord Aidan is from a place where all are accepted and welcomed. It’s a happy place with a kind ruler. Prince Varion is from a different kingdom that is ruled by his horrible father. Varion promised his mother that he would watch over his younger brother after she passed away, so he has been doing that in order to keep him from becoming like the cruel King. King Cendai, the Prince’s father, wants the knowledge of the Dragon power which allows anyone to turn into a dragon. He’ll do anything for his knowledge, even sacrifice his sons. When a male dragon mates, he dies, which does not bother Cenai at all. Aidan and Varion do not agree with the war and have been meeting secretly to try to bring peace between their kingdoms. Their passion and attraction is strong, but it’s not enough.

The beginning of the story is fast paced and detailed. But, as it goes on it seems to lose steam because a lot of detail has already been presented in the beginning. While I enjoyed the story, I feel like it could have been stronger to keep my attention.


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