Stay by Alexa Milne


An act of kindness is never wasted.

Ben Harwood loves his grandmother. When he visits her in the hospital, another old lady, Ivy, expresses a longing for an orange, so Ben, who works in a supermarket, takes her oranges the next day.

Later, after attending his grandmother’s funeral, he discovers that Ivy has died too, and decides to pay his respects. There, he meets Ivy’s grandson, Martin Riley, and the attraction is instant. To his amazement, Ben finds he has become a bit of a hero to the Riley family, who have traveled over from America. For Martin, Ben breaks his three-date rule more than once. Is this simply a holiday romance with great sex, or can he and Martin build something more permanent?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

This quick fifty page novella starts so well. I’m a sucker for a simple guy doing and helping out. And that’s Ben. Martin is a little more of a mystery. Would have liked a little more time spent with him, so we could have understood him better.  However, these two together are great and the insta attraction is hot.

Overall I enjoyed the story and the way these two tried to spend time together learning each other, knowing that Martin had to go home to America in a few short days. I would have liked maybe less sex and more convo, that way we would have found out even more about each other, found out if really made since for one or the other to move across the ocean to be with someone they only knew for three days. And maybe a follow up?


I have to admit, I find most LaFS books a bit laughable. As much as we like the idea of instant attraction and the positive knowing that ‘he’ is the one, it just doesn’t work that way in contemporary fiction. That said, I have to admit I thought Stay was cute. Ben is happy living with his parents and working as an assistant manager of a grocery store. He does one good deed and that leads his life in a whole different direction.

Have to admit – the first meet (and attraction) at a funeral has amusement written all over it. Especially when they go at it at the wake. Martin and Ben were cute together. However, while we got to know Ben quite well, Martin was a bit of a mystery and the scene at the funpark felt out-of-step with the rest of the book. Even though the author never left us in doubt of his affections for Ben, or Ben’s affection for Martin, it all came along too fast for me. Maybe if there had been an epilogue where we could have seen what happened a year down the road, I would have been happier at the ending. Instead, I was left with the thought of, “oh, so many ways in which this could end badly.”

The sex scenes were plentiful but rather boring. I actually think they took away from the story itself. Of course, without them, it would have been a tiny book.


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