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Snowcroft Safehouse

A year ago Declan Jasper was entertaining sold-out arena crowds as the lead singer of Black Rainbows. But that came to an explosive end when the band got caught up in a criminal cover-up, one that ended with the entire band dead. At least that’s what everyone is supposed to think.

Now, Dex is hiding in plain sight, working as the school band director in a sleepy little mountain resort town while under the protection of a hard-nosed FBI agent. Instead of eyeliner and black leather, he now wears glasses and corduroy. Instead of having sexy coeds—both male and female—throw themselves into his bed, he’s dealing with teenage angst and grumpy parents.

At the top of his troubles list is Kelsey Walker, a junior high bundle of rare musical talent in the form of one confused, messed-up adolescent. Dex figures the problem comes from her broken home and wants to help. But when he meets her father, sexy bar-owner, Jack Walker, he realizes that instead of helping he’s probably just bringing more trouble and danger to their door.

Dex has to stay alive until the trial to bring his bandmates’ murderers to justice, but can he do that if it means sacrificing his own happily ever after?addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

Snowcroft Safehouse was one heck of a ride. The prologue is explosive and starts the book off with a bang…literally. Despite already looking forward to reading this book, Ms. Snow managed to hook me in even further and I was quickly immersed in Declan’s story as he finds himself in the Witness Protection Program – the only surviving member after his rock band was targeted by a mobster. I liked that the author included a note at the end of the book stating that she took procedural liberties regarding WITSEC within the story, but for me it was unnecessary as I had no problem going with the flow as Declan was transferred from the custody of the US Marshalls to the FBI for his protection. The believability factor was upped after Declan and Law’s conversation about the homophobic agents Declan was forced to deal with and that Law just so happened to have access to property in Snowcroft, New Mexico.


As it’s been over a year since I read Snowcroft Lost, I wasn’t sure of how welcoming the community would be to Finn (Declan’s alias) as an openly gay man. However, Law managed to make Finn’s sexuality a non-issue by obtaining him employment in a job that guaranteed him immediate acceptance into the community – the middle school band teacher. I enjoyed how fate kept throwing Finn and Jack into one another’s paths – at Jack’s bar, the music store, and the middle school as Jack’s daughter quickly became Finn’s most promising student. Despite Jack being firmly in the closet and having no intention of coming out of it in fear of how it would impact his daughter and Finn not wanting a relationship with anyone while having to lie about his identity, neither man is able to resist the other for very long. The chemistry between Finn and Jack is intense and the sex scenes between the guys are hot. But when Declan’s survival becomes public knowledge and his past comes back to finish off the job, Jack and his daughter get caught in the crossfire and Declan’s chance at a happily ever after is at risk.


Snowcroft Safehouse definitely delivered on the action. I was quite surprised with just how far Ms. Snow took the story in regards to Declan facing off against the mobster at the end of the book, but it certainly added to the suspense. In addition to the relationship that Declan (Finn) is building with Jack, we are treated to the bond that is forged between Declan and Law. Although the underlying circumstances are different, the fact that both men suffer from PTSD and are able to understand the other’s suffering and lend support as needed added to the richness of Declan’s character. It also laid the foundation for Law’s book – which I look forward to reading once it’s released. Fans of Snowcroft Lost will be pleased to know that Trevor and Jamie do make an appearance in this installment so we get to find out how they are faring. Snowcroft Safehouse was an excellent addition to the Snowcroft Men series and I cannot wait for Snowcroft Restoration.

WOW! Page turner from beginning to end. This is book two and even though there are charaters that overlap in both, you really don’t need to read book one. However, from my understanding book three will be Law’s story and to understanding that one, you will need book one (probably, not sure how the author will handle that).

We start with a bang, literally. A year later the only survivor of the explosion has been released into the care of  Law, an FBI agent with his own set of problems. As Law and Finn navigate this new relationship of brotherhood, Finn falls pretty hard for a local guy Jack. Finn and Jack have this shy, insta-lust thing going that you can feel right away. Love it. But need to be careful because of Jack’s daughter and Finn secret. I love this caring, nurturing side of Finn. Not what you would expected considering his rock and roll background. And Jack making the daughter priority number one, great dad! I also enjoyed that nothing was easy or expected. Everyone had to work for what they got or didn’t get. Even though we had sexual scenes between these and they were hot, they didn’t define the book, as I’m seeing more and more lately. Thank you for that.


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