She’s Going Home by Isabelle Flynn

She’s Going Home Will their second chance at love end up just the latest in a string of disasters?

Ten years ago, Angie left the coastal town of Easton, Rhode Island, for calmer waters. She didn’t find them. Now a failed marriage, a stint in rehab, and a baby belly are all she has to show for her time away. The last thing she needs as she speeds back into Easton is Nick Forest welcoming her in his police cruiser.

Nick grew up fast when he discovered he’d become a father as a teenager. He’s created a responsible life but he hasn’t had a second chance at love since Angie left town. He’s sure he doesn’t need it until a routine stop has him falling for her all over again.

Angie’s baggage is more than most men could handle, but Nick is intent on finding his way back into Angie’s heart. Her trust is harder to gain, and it will take more than just a walk down memory lane for Angie to finally come home.

Warning: Caution, small town ahead. Where nosy friends stay loyal, family always interferes and a gorgeous man in uniform is more than willing to protect and serve the girl of his dreams.

addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16Angie left home at a young age after her boyfriend, Nick, got another girl pregnant while they were on a break. Now, ten years later, she is headed back to her hometown, pregnant, on the verge of a divorce, and broke.  She didn’t expect to be pulled over within minutes of entering the town by Nick who is now a town cop. Nick is now the single father of a 10 year old boy and wants to pick up where he and Angie left off. Accepting her flaws and all, he pushes for them to be together.

I LOVE a good angst ridden story, but I found it difficult to connect with Angie in this one. She was wishy washy and constantly changed her mind. One minute she wanted to be friends with Nick. The next, she was mad that he wasn’t pursuing her more. It made me wants to slap her! As for Nick, he seemed to be living in the past and seemed to want the old Angie – not the adult Angie. I never got the impression that they were truly in love with each other.

The writing was well done and the story was not bad. I just don’t think it was the book for me.


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