Seventh by Rachel White


Hynd leads a lonely life, suffering the lingering effects of a debilitating illness and rejected by most of society because of it. He has spent most of a decade investigating the disappearance of the Seventh Dragoons, content to immerse himself in the frustrating search and the book he is writing about it.

When his sister comes to him about a handsome man eager to meet him, Hynd can scarcely believe his luck, unable to recall the last time somebody wanted to be near him and did not fear or revile him for his illness.

But Julius has come only to see Hynd’s research, hoping to learn what happened to the Seventh and prove that his great-grandfather was not a traitor. And while an assistant in his research is not what Hynd had hoped for, it’s better than nothing. And maybe between the two of them the mystery of the Seventh can at last be put to rest…addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

First, I have to say two things


2. have tissues

This is my first book by this author, the amount of emotion that she writes in these pages is just amazing. Right from the beginning your heart breaks for Hynd and the hand that life has dealt him. But also the fact that he has resigned himself to accept the ridicule and distaste, in the way everyone around him treats him. I believe I was crying by page 3.

Then in comes Julius and at first does the same thing, but at least he’s up front about his reasoning  so you know where he stands but yet the way these two work together, talk together, you can’t help believing just a little.

And then we have the research of the missing Dragoons, how fascinating. You really get into the mystery right along with Hynd and Julius. I even made up my own little love side story,  staring the sister and a secondary character,  because this author makes everyone so believable and alive.

The only thing I felt confused about, was getting the actually story on how the Blight came to be/go away. Also about the Lily War. I know they were explained (a little, but it felt that a flash back from a previous bk.) but I kept feeling maybe I missed reading a prequel that introduced me to these issues.


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