One Bit at a Time by Sydney Presley

One Bit at a Time

Being thought of as a freak wasn’t something Raven cherished.

Raven has been brought up as a shifter in the city, along with his siblings, hiding what he is from humans. His father became abusive as soon as Raven’s mother died, and after a traumatic childhood, plus being caught wearing his sister’s clothes, Raven knows it’s time to run away.

He takes off in search of a wolf haven, knowing they’ll take him in but worrying over how his siblings will fare now he’s not there. He meets Boss, the owner of the compound, and realizes that not everyone shuns a cross-dresser. What follows is a new journey of discovery—not only can Raven wear what he wants, but he can be exactly who he is too.

The problem is, his past won’t let him go, and someone is on a mission to drag Raven back home to his father. And that someone doesn’t seem to want to take no for an answer…

Reader advisory: This book contains references of homophobic languageaddtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

This quick seventy page novella is a sweet tale about a shifter adult who’s given up most of his life, who he is and what he wants because of his siblings. Now left with no choice he leaves everything he knows in search of a haven.

This story had such potential and I’ve really enjoyed all the other books I’ve read by Sydney Presley before but in my opinion this one fell short of what it could have been.  For one I couldn’t get a feel on where they were, America, England? And other thing that really bothered me was all the inner dialog. I’m not a fan to began with, but understand sometimes we need a little. But pages worth, is too much for me. Those being said, I liked very much Raven as a character, the fact that he stuck around for so long being abused to protect his siblings.   I’ll always been a sucker for the ‘woe is me’ one’s and he plays very well.  And Boss, is the perfect Alpha mate to complement Raven’s side he’s been hiding fro so long. And even though we only got a glimpse of the siblings at the end I found them likable enough.


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