#ChristmasInJuly: On a Midnight Clear

On a Midnight Clearmidnight clear On A Midnight Clear is a holiday companion piece to Rebekah’s Winter. While Rebekah Boyce was enduring the hard winter of 1777, at Valley Forge, under the strict tutelage of Captain Wallace Adair, about twenty miles away, Charlotte Brooks, one of three daughters of a wealthy Tory family, is having her own personal struggle.

While all Charlotte wants to do is celebrate the holidays with her family like they used to do, she is caught between her loyalties to the Crown that was so good to her and her family and her brother’s Patriot sympathies. The problem is compounded for Harlan Hunter Brooks, Charlotte’s father, who is in the impossible position of choosing sides between his loyalties to the King, his hotheaded son, and his headstrong daughter.

Charlotte’s suitor, Thaddeus Byrd, promises her father that he will properly deal with his daughter. Thaddeus is also on the fence about the conflict. But when he sees what is happening to the woman he loves, his mind is made up for him. With Tadd’s discipline and guidance, the couple must still must go down a long road, including a midnight journey on Christmas Eve , before they can properly celebrate the holidays. goodreads

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