Nightmare in Greasepaint by L.L. Soares & G. Daniel Gunn

Nightmare in Greasepaint Some family legacies are best left buried.

Will Pallasso has brought his wife and young son, Billy, back to his childhood home to settle his late mother’s affairs…and remove all traces of his haunted past. But now hideous memories are coming back to Will, and Billy has started suffering from night terrors. Returning to this house was a big mistake. Some memories should not be disturbed, and some nightmares will not stay buried forever.

Especially nightmares that wear greasepaint spattered with blood.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

If you have a phobia of any kind regarding clowns you might want to stop reading and pretend you never came across this book or review. If you’re continuing be warned for your sleep might be tainted by greasepaint filled nightmares where clowns hide in dark basements calling out for you.

Will Pallaso has a wife he loves dearly and a son he adores. He has a happy family life that is until Will’s mother Lucy passes away. Will has to go back home to get his mother’s estate in order but the task won’t be so easy. Returning home means facing a past that his haunted him for too long. A past he has kept secret from everyone including his wife. He’ll have to face his nightmares head on and his family will have to endure the deadly consequences.

Nightmare in Greasepaint is reminiscent of a scary campfire story. It’s creepy and unnerving. The story doesn’t get into great depth with the characters and I didn’t feel much of a connection to them but I didn’t need to because the imagery was enough to keep me engaged in the story. The first half of the story is a slow build up that relies heavily on shadows, noises and bumps in the night to create some tension. The second half of the story adds onto the psychological horror with blood and gore that has the reader squirming and jumping out of their seat.

If you’re a horror fan like me who enjoys a good creepy scare then I suggest reading this book at night when you’re all alone with nothing but a nightlight on, preferably a clown nightlight. You’ll feel like a kid again facing your childhood fears, checking under the bed for boogie monsters and staying far away from the basement. Who knows what skeleton from the past lies down there.


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