Miss Match by Laurelin McGee

Miss Match Welcome to the sexy, crazy, wildly unpredictable world of modern matchmaking, where fixing up strangers is part of the job—but falling in love is an occupational hazard…

He’s The Perfect Catch.

Blake Donovan is tall, handsome, rich, and successful—so why would a guy like him need a matchmaker? Andrea Dawson has no idea, but a job is a job. After being blackballed from a career in marketing, Andrea agreed to use her unique profiling skills to play matchmaker out of pure desperation. But when she meets her highly eligible—and particular—first client face to face, she wonders what she’s gotten herself into…

Is She His Perfect Match?

Blake knows exactly the kind of woman he’s looking for—and it’s the total opposite of Andrea. Though smart and undeniably sexy, she is simply too headstrong for a man who’s used to being in charge. Still, Blake’s blood pressure rises whenever she’s near him. How can he explain the smoldering attraction that sizzles between them? And how can Andrea deny she’s feeling it, too? Maybe, just maybe, they’ve finally met their match…goodreads

 Blake is looking for a wife. He hires Andrea, aka Andy, as his personal assistant to find him one. As you can imagine, this creates a great catalyst for funny banter and opportunities between the two of them.

The banter between Blake and Andy was hilarious. They knew how to push each other’s buttons and drive the other crazy. I loved that Andy did not put up with Blake and his attitude and wasn’t afraid to put him in his place. He came across like an arrogant idiot and she didn’t let him get away with that with her. The changing POV usually annoys me, but it worked really well within this story to show how both characters felt. Otherwise, I don’t know if I would have liked either one of them very much.

What I did not like was how full of himself Blake was. Hire someone to find him a wife? Andy was kind of a mess, but a lot more likable of a character for me. All in all, this was fun and funny book and would make a good weekend read.


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