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Christmas Joy Christmas JoyJoy hitches a ride headed to the Double R ranch looking for work. She is desperate to find a place to stay before the snow flies; however, she isn’t prepared for feelings the large, sexy and entirely dominant man, who finds her, stirs up deep inside her. Living on the road has been hard and with her past, she should stay and beg for the job. But running is easier than dealing with her fears and these new feelings, isn’t it?

Nick is used to being in charge, after all he has been the one taking care of his brothers for years. He knows just what Joy needs – and he’s more than willing to put her over his knee and give it to her. Nick is also used to people leaving. He is not used to having a chance to change it. Can he find her, convince her to trust him, and bring her back? Will Nick be able to bring Joy into his home and his heart, and keep her there – for good, not just for Christmas?
Publisher’s Note: This title is also contained in the “Naughty List” box-set collection.goodreads

This is my first book by this author, but it’s certainly not my last!  I loved Devlin’s writing style, and the characters they created.  This book was packed with enough emotion and suspense that it kept me wanting to read more.

I really enjoyed Joy’s character, and the brother’s as well.  Nick took awhile to grow on me because there was just something about him…  I don’t know for sure what it was, but I did end up enjoying the story.

My only complaint about the book overall was that it felt very very rushed.  There were a lot of parts that I wish would have been longer because they were that great.  But sadly they were not.

Overall though, I will be sure to read Devlin in the future!


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