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A Christmas Starr for Carolyn mary

Divorced, Carolyn Winters couldn’t wait for the holidays to be over. Both the joy and warmth of the season only reminded her of how alone she was in the world. When the house across the street had been sold, her first encounter with the new neighbor ended with her over his knee for a sound spanking. Nick was a firm believer in old-fashioned discipline. Carolyn had thought such a man ceased to exist in this day and age.

Nick’s authoritative manner made Carolyn weak in the knees, but she was all too familiar with the pain of a broken heart and severed trust. Her ex-husband had seen to that. Could she trust Nick not to do the same?goodreads

Carolyn’s about to learn that Nick takes her welfare seriously. It’s freezing cold outside and she comes to his house without a coat.


“Was my offense that severe?”

“In my book, neglecting yourself is beyond severe,” he responded flatly. “No, if, ands, or buts about it.”

Without another word, Carolyn spun around and slid her panties down to her ankles. His quick intake of breath assured her she had done the right thing. He was as turned on as she was. It was time to put the past behind her and stop feeling sorry for herself. She wasn’t the only one in the world to go through a divorce or make a wrong decision about love. She was determined to start a new chapter in her life. A chapter that included spanking.

Her throat convulsed as she watched him raise his hips and slid his belt through the loops of his jeans and fold it in half. He pulled her across his lap. “Give me your hands so I can secure them behind your back.”

She hesitated and he tapped her ass with his belt. “Carolyn, don’t make me tell you again.”

She lifted her head in order to catch his eye. “I’m afraid I’ll fall.”

“I won’t let you,” he whispered into her ear. “Now, do as I say. Be a good girl and take your punishment.” His fingers slipped between her legs and thrummed her nubbin. “Open up for me.”

Carolyn opened her legs and allowed him to pin her hands behind her back. His one knee raised so her bottom was high in the air and her nose almost to the floor. She was in such a precarious position, but true to his word, he maintained a tight hold. She wasn’t going anywhere. The first crack of his belt blazed a trail of fire across her bare skin and goosebumps peppered her arms and legs. She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth against the sting. Three more strikes followed and she willed herself to concentrate on his bare sexy feet and toes. Gee, she needed to get out more often. Since when had she ever considered a man’s foot sexy let alone his toes?

Six more lashes and he dropped the belt on the floor. His heavy hand landed on her heated bottom and rested there. “Are you ever going to leave the house without a coat?”


“No, what?”

Carolyn’s heartbeat hammered in her ears. Her nipples tingled and she moaned low in her throat. Surely, he didn’t mean for her to address him as sir? He slapped her hard on the left cheek. “Um, no sir.”

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I love to read and write romance that have stern, yet caring heroes and sassy, spunky ladies. My heroes are Alpha and strongly believe that a woman is never too old to be spanked.

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