#ChristmasInJuly: The Gift

The Gift


In The One, Kate Flannery and Matt Eisner met at a gallery opening and, after spending one evening together, realized that it was true love. Now, eight months later, they are happily living together in Matt’s home in Malibu and getting ready for their first Chanukah and Christmas together. But as the holidays draw near, an unexpected problem threatens their happy holiday.

Will they be able to weather the storm and find their happiness this holiday season? Or will the intolerance of the past tear them apart?

On the last night of Chanukah and Christmas Eve, they will discover… The Gift.goodreads

 I will be honest and say that I’m not really a fan of shorter stories.  But this one? Blew me out of the water! I loved how it was packed with enough drama (because yes, there is some drama in it!) and just overall romance that it kept me turning the pages.

This is the second book that has Kate and Matt in it, and while I would say that you should read The One, I don’t think that its completely “required” to be able to understand what is happening in this book.

But, I do have to say, Matt’s mom totally made this book great!  She added a great amount of drama and suspense, and I just couldn’t get enough.

Overall, I would say that if your looking for a quick, sweet, cute Christmas read, this is the one for you!



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Although she grew up in Arizona, S. L. Dearing was born and raised in California and considers the Golden State her home. Shannon attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, studying biology, then moved to Los Angeles where she spent several years studying at Los Angeles City College’s renowned Television/ Film program. She learned the art of storytelling from her father when she was very young and has been writing since the tender age of five. As an author of many genres, she is always hoping to learn more by exploring the world of story. Her first novel The Gathering: Book One of the Lia Fail Chronicles and a collection of shorts From the Gathering to The Bridging: A Lia Fail Short Story Collection (A Wish, A Touch, A Kiss, A Birthday and A Storm). She is currently working on the next book in the Lia Fail Series, The Bridging, due out later this year. A firm believer in short stories, she has released several as individual works: The Pen & Paintbrush Series (The One & The Gift), Drawing Heat, True Fodder, Affliction and Shelf Life. Several of these can also be found in collections and anthologies. She hopes to release a Sci-Fi Romance novella in the next few months, Captured. Shannon currently resides in Los Angeles.

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