Cheaters Anonymous by Lacey Silks

Cheaters Anonymous We’re both addicted to sex, just not with each other.

High school friends – nothing more.
That was our promise to each other, because let’s face it, infidelity spreads like a disease.
Everybody cheats.
And it’s easier to remain friends than hurt the only person you ever cared about – or so we thought. addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

 When high school friends, Julia and Scar, reconnect after 6 years they both realize that maybe being just friends isn’t what they want. They both watched their fathers cheat on their mothers and that has left a huge impression on each one. Julia is a recovering sex addict. Scar is the same old guy, but he now wants Julia’s body more than her friendship.  This story is so full of angst, trust, friendship, addiction, and love.


The opening chapter where a man comes into Julia’s ER with a contraption stuck to his “member” had me laughing and cringing at the same time! He gropes her boobs when she dislodges him!! With a beginning like that you know it’s going to be a good book. I love the friends to lovers trope and this one did not disappoint. The story was original and the backstory was well done. I really felt for Julia and her struggle to not fall into her addiction, again. And Scar….what a hunk of alpha, bossy, sweet, tender, tell it like it is, man! I absolutely LOVED his character and the way he pursued Julia!


It has been a long time since I had a book hangover and Cheaters Anonymous left me wanting so much more from this group of friends.


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