#ChristmasInJuly: Calling All Grammies

Calling all Grammiesgrammie  “Calling All Grammies” is the third book in Flo Barnett’s “Grammy’s Gang” series.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

Definitely a 5 star book!

I won’t say too much to give it away, but its adorable to read, even as an adult.  There is no doubt should I have a need for a Christmas book for any little ones this will be one I choose!

The animation fits what is written and it keeps up with how society is today and yet maintains the true feeling of “Santa”.

Just a quick mention that the Grammies are as spunky as every Grammie I have ever known!

Totally loved this book.



bio #1

During her professional career in education, Flo Barnett was a preschool administrator and daycare provider. She also taught kindergarten and elementary school for over thirty years. Now retired, she writes hilarious tales for, and sometimes based on the real-life antics of her seven energetic grandchildren, whom she loving refers to as, ‘Grammy’s Gang’.

Recently Ms. Barnett began focusing her attention on publishing chapter books geared towards children, ages 9-12. Actually she’s finding that parents, teachers and baby boomers appreciate these books, too, recalling events they experienced along their own coming of age journey. In the series, When We Were Kids, she explores serious topics such as abuse, bullying, and loss of a loved one in a sensitive manner in order to empower youngsters to face adversity with courage and conviction.


Flo lives near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with her hubby, Barry, and her dog, Shadow.

Twitter link:   Flo Barnett@FloBarnett1