Beach Patrol (Playa Escondida) by Michelle Moore

Beach Patrol

Jay’s an average lifeguard. Sure, there’s the family curse–a connection to a demon who shipwrecked on the coast centuries ago–and being the last heir to the heretical sect of monster hunters who failed to destroy that demon. So he’s mostly an average lifeguard.

Dan Green wants nothing more than to find and tag a sea turtle, and finish his degree. He’s starting to think he should have picked a different beach. Even his degree isn’t worth getting tangled up in old ghost stories, demonic curses, and a monster hunt 400 years in the making. But Jay? Jay just might be…addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

So this book started out so promising. Two cute guys fumbling around each other. One telling a well known town ghost story, while the other is walking the beach at night looking for sea turtles. Then all the sudden we have a huge storm and it blows this story into left field somewhere. Now we have three cute guys (nothing wrong with that) but they are hunting a demon that may or may not have posed  Dan, the turtle looker, who’es forgotten all about the turtles.  And we find out, this well kept family secret isn’t so well kept or much of a secret.

Dan, Jay and Joseph are fun together and make a good team and I get why we would need a starter on why Dan was coming to the beach. But from turtles to demons just didn’t work for me. The writing was sound the story line, not so much.


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