When Dove Cries (Red Wolves Motorcycle Club #3) by Beth D. Carter

When Dove Cries Can two men, who don’t trust each other, protect a woman they both care for?

John Draven is vice president of the Red Wolves Motorcycle Club. While on a special run, he meets FBI Agent Cadence Vanaker again. Cade is the man who killed his cousin five years ago and the person he hates more than anyone. Now John is forced to work with him to take down a human trafficking ring operating in John’s hometown.
Cade wants more than anything to tell Draven he wasn’t the one who really killed his cousin, but he can’t reveal the truth and has to live with Draven’s hate as a result. When the two men find a woman half-dead and bound with zip ties, they both feel a need to protect her—and the need to be her only man.

Dove Aldrin is a sensitive young woman who was abducted and held prisoner. When she escapes, she falls into the path of two men determined to help her and to find the man responsible for treating her so cruelly. What she didn’t count on was falling for both John and Cade. How can she pick one over the other, especially when the two men despise each other?

Reader Advisory: This book contains racial slurs and scenes of anal sex and violence.

Publisher’s Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.goodreads

 As the third book of the Red Wolves Motorcycle Club, it is not really a stand-alone story.  Since I have not read the others, I was a little lost. But, that quickly changed as I got more into this book and involved with the characters.

Draven and Cade are forced to work together to find out about the kidnapping/human trafficking ring in Draven’s home town. The two men hate each other because of past circumstances. They come upon a gaunt, hurt, Dove while they were riding and immediately feel that need to protect her. She was being held in the sub-basement of a barn – where they suspect the ring leaders hide the girls they kidnap.

Dove is sensitive yet strong. After being rescued by John Draven and Cade, she begins to fall for each of them and can’t decide which one she wants more. I really liked Dove because even though she was kidnapped, held in the basement, beaten, and hurt, she was always determined to escape and didn’t give up hope. She doesn’t cower with the men who rescue her and accepts their protection. The relationship was interesting because even though the men hated each other, the both loved Dove enough to put her first. LOVE that!

I loved this story and will definitely look for more within this series!


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