Undone by Belinda Burke


The first step on the road to addiction is desire…

Tighe is Summer’s prince, the second son of the Summer Queen. The blindness of his mortal father cursed him with eyes that see too much, and now he wanders the woods of immortal Summer alone. He is an outsider in his own country or at best a curiosity—never someone anyone truly wants.

Faelan is gancanagh, one of dark Summer’s most treacherous beings. Beguiling as he is beautiful, he, like all of his kind, was made to incite lust and longing, even as he seeks true love. For anything mortal, anything unprepared, even to be in his presence is dangerous.

When the two meet by chance, Faelan can’t help but be curious about this half-mortal prince—and the prince is more interested in a companion than questioning what kind.

Tighe has never seen anything but the lie behind love. Faelan is love’s lie and knows it. Is the beginning and end of everything between them inevitable? Which is stronger, need—or nature?

Publisher’s Note: This book is associated with the Eight Kingdoms series by Belinda Burke.goodreads

First, I have to say the premise of this story is fanatics. Its fantasy fairy tale with a Prince that sees’ too much because of a birth inflection and people avoid him and a feared creature that deep down just wants love. When Tighe has enough he wanders into the woods and comes across the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen. He knows he shouldn’t want him, but can’t resist, Faelan is enchanted by the Prince and wants more. But after waiting and waiting decides to go find him for himself. And the dance, passion and connection they share are magical. They get each other, each being out casts to the family and society and they just don’t care, sweet. My huge problem with this book, it was like trying to read a badly written limerick, poem or riddle. Lots of double talk and hidden meanings and it just didn’t work for me.


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Belinda Burke

Belinda currently lives on the New England coast with her fiancée, their room mate and her cat. When she’s not writing, she’s working toward degrees in Philosophy and English, embroidering or reading.

Belinda writes in several genres, but a little lust and love always work their way into her stories.