True Violet (The Gilded Flower Series, #9) by Vivian Winslow

Life is looking up for Violet in many ways. Her love life is smoking hot, her business life is going well and yet someone is out to ruin her. Who is behind the plot to try and bring down Vi, Lily and Dahlia? In the midst of all of this, can she find the one man who can accept her as she is? Vi wants it all and isn’t willing to setting for less, and in this final installment big truths are revealed and the whole story finally comes together.

So, I’ve been waiting a long time for this book – to see what finally all of this has been about! I think Vivian Winslow saved the best for last with this one, because this is one dark and twisty journey that you can’t help but get into. It is not predictable but it’s still hot and intriguing!

Vi as a character went through a ton of growth in this series and I was glad to see her mature and get what she deserves. I also really liked learning more about Vi’s business side and more information about her father. It really opened up a lot about Vi and the way her mind works, which is always interesting!

Not to mention, the sex scenes were totally smokin’! You know I’m always a sucker for hot and steamy scenes between the sheets. This final book in Vi’s story was just a really good mix of suspense, secrets, sex and revelations. If you’ve been following this series you just can’t miss it. 4 stars.