There’s Something About Werewolves (Seven Brides for Seven Shifters #1) by Thalia Eames

There’s Something about Werewolves Their second chance ignites with a bite.

Lennox Averdeen’s top three worst fears:

1. Anything remotely canine.

2. Finding out she has a secret baby.

3. Running into Garrett Anderson. Former best friend. Heartbreaker.

She pulls a trifecta when she realizes the stray canine and the tween kid hanging around her house are not only one and the same, he’s Garrett’s wolf shifter son.

When Garrett tracks down his runaway son and sees Lennox again, the widowed father’s heart begins to struggle against his self-imposed chains. Plus, just coming into town pits him against the local Alpha, and everything he hates about pack life. The death, the heartache.

Despite her fears, Lennox becomes the boy’s mother in all but DNA. But Garrett? He can hula-hoop with the nine rings of hell. Except the heat of attraction has never died, and there’s only one way to slake their sexual thirst. Make a smoking-hot deal, agree to part as friends…and try to ignore the sound of Fate howling with laughter.

Warning: This book will stop your heart with barks of laughter, breathless drama, dueling heroes, and sizzling sex. Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, howl with ’em.addtogoodreads_zps55cd15da16

Lennox wakes up to a huge dog in her bed! Afraid of them, she scrambles to her Granny’s bedroom for help, to no avail. Little does she know, this is the beginning of a lot of chaos. Her first love comes back in to her life, bringing his son with him. The younger boy, Lennox (Nox for short), is her godson…something she didn’t know.

I found this book difficult to read. A lot of the story jumped around and did not flow well. But, for as much as I disliked parts of the story, I loved others just as much.

What worked – The characters’ banter and friendships. I felt like there was a very tight bond within the town/pack. Lennox’s struggle was real and her feelings for the young boy were strong.  I adored Nox and Lennox’s relationship. Their instant affection for each other was adorable. Nox’s personality was hilarious! He truly was a coming of age young boy looking for approval wherever he could find it.

What did not work – Garrett. I did not care for his character at all. He was all over the place. One minute he told Lennox that her love was never returned and he would always love his former mate. Later, he is saying he is devoted and they are soul mates. What? I understand conflict, but his personality was inconsistent. The story itself was all over the place in the beginning. It felt jumpy and did not flow very well. I found it difficult to stay focused enough to continue.

While I did not hate this book, it was just an ok read for me.


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