The Monster & The Beast by Jessica Lorenne

What a great retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Full of plot twist, this book tells the story of Serrene and Hunter. Serrene gets lost in the woods on the way to her new job. She is taken to the castle and Ber (the beast) takes care of her. Meanwhile, Hunter goes out to find Serrene and gets trapped with Ber’s twin, Arriel, in an area of the woods where everyone is turned into an animal! What a unique twist!

While the original fairytale is about one relationship, this story is about Serrene and Ber AND Hunter and Arriel. Each one follows a different path, they all fall in love. I really enjoyed the story, but could not help but feel like something was lacking. Serrene and Ber’s story seems  incomplete, so maybe there is another story coming to finish out that tale. All in all, it was a fun book.